Would Nick Frost Make a Decent Penguin in the New Batman Movie?

Nick Frost wants to play an iconic Batman villain. The actor of Shaun of the Dead fame stated he’s up for playing The Penguin in the solo Batman film. The Batman remains stalled somewhat in development. Originally, Deathstroke the Terminator was slated to play the main villain. Now, rumors swirl that The Penguin takes the antagonist role in current script drafts.


Frost has built a fan following thanks to his role of Bajie, the notorious monk of the martial arts favorite Into the Badlands. The obvious benefit to casting Frost as The Penguin derives from his recurring role on the series. Into the Badlands could become a promotional vehicle for The Batman. Frost appears in front of millions of fans on the AMC series. Those fans might follow him to The Penguin.


Elsewhere on television, the villain’s sinister ways intrigue audiences. The Penguin character currently appears prominently on the Fox TV series Gotham. Robin Taylor plays the character in his “Oswald Cobblepot” alter ego form. Taylor’s performance has certainly appealed to fans of DC Comics. Since Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito played The Penguin in the past, Taylor had huge acting shoes to fill. Taylor did so quite well. His outstanding performance created a buzz about the classic villain. The buzz may carry over into a film featuring the villain. Maybe this is why The Penguin is replacing Deathstroke.


Two points do need to be made here. First, Frost’s expression of interest on social media doesn’t mean much. Warner Bros. hasn’t contacted him. No formal talks have taken place.


Also, the script for The Batman continues to be tweaked and rewritten. No final script exists. The script could be tossed, and The Penguin dropped. Reportedly, The Penguin was also considered as the lead villain in the DCEU ensemble project Birds of Prey.


Sooner or later, the classic villain will return to the big screen. Frost seems to be a fine choice to play The Penguin. Warner Bros. should take his interest-expressing Tweet seriously.

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