Winning An Award For Security Technology

The leading provider of justice technology has won what is called a Gold Stevie Award. It is in a category called the “Best Customer Service Training Department.”

OK, so what gives? What in the world is this company and what did they win?

This company is Securus. The company provides technology in securing people. I noticed the name, and said it aloud. Secure Us is what I said to myself when I tried to figure out why is was called that. The company builds, maintains, and trains personnel for security systems in prisons, jails, and other places that demand tight securtiy.

Then I figured out what they won. It is a much-coveted top award for being the best training experts in the business. The Stevie Awards are given for businesses who do a top-notch job in their field.

Even though it is not a household name, Securus is a large company, indeed. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus serves and helps maintain 1.2 million inmates nationwide. Found in more than 3,400 jails, courts, prisons, and other places in the nation, Securus helps provide incident management and monitoring products and services worldwide. In other words, if you ever see an ankle bracelet on someone who is out of jail on good behavior, the chances are it that is was made by and is monitored by Securus.

Now we know what Securus is all about, and I am glad that they won such an award. They really do make the world a safer place for all of us.


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