Whigene Taylor is Mixing Art and Fabric

When one thinks of art, they often think of paintings or sculptures. They think of art greats such as Picasso and Michelangelo. They go to museums like the Louvre in Paris or the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. A new, local artist in Pensacola, FL is seeking to change art.

Whigene Taylor spent years struggling with a dark past. Several years ago, he decided to change his life and pursue his passions. He wanted to create art. Taylor thinks art can have multiple layers and has proven it. When you walk into his studio at First City Arts Center, you see the typical artist easel. But you also see items for sewing and colorful fabrics.

Taylor’s art is unique because he sews fabric straight into the canvas, making it a mixed paint and fabric media. Taylor enjoys making birds that come to life with a depth given them by the fabric used, and a beauty that is unreal. He also does hand carved prints that are amazing to see. Some of these prints have been put onto fabrics that make the design really pop! Many of the prints have a funk-pop theme, with a traditional Taylor twist.

Taylor also thinks that art can be worn every day. He has created beautiful clothing that is truly a work of art to wear. He coordinates unique colors and makes one of a kind items that are a perfect fit for a person’s style and body. He has created his own prints for t-shirts and is always chasing his next inspiration.

Taylor is even more inspiring because he has been pursuing this passion for art while working hard to get an education. Taylor is an artistic inspiration!

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