“Walking Dead” Crossover Character Revealed

Back in October, the creators of The Walking Dead and its prequel/spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead began to tease that one character would cross over from the former to the latter. After weeks of waiting, we finally know that Morgan Jones (played by Lennie James) will be the character to appear in both series.

Before the reveal, the most popular guess was Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), a popular character who has already been killed on the parent show. Since Fear the Walking Dead takes place earlier in the timeline of the zombie apocalypse, this would not present an issue, and Cudlitz has openly said that he would love to reprise his role. (He has, in fact, in a flashback scene.)

Morgan was not a popular guess, but he makes sense. He appeared in the early parts of The Walking Dead, but then disappeared until “Clear,” an episode near the end of season 3; that means that there is plenty of time when he could have been with the Fear the Walking Dead cast. It is notable that only brief bits of information about Morgan’s whereabouts during the intervening time have been given.

And since the prequel takes place in the past, Morgan can continue to appear in the parent show even as he joins the spin-off cast as well. Indeed, in his Talking Dead announcement about the crossover, showrunner Scott Gimple implies that what Morgan is doing in the current time period has a direct relationship with the story that they are going to tell about him back in the Fear the Walking Dead series.

“Morgan’s arc on The Walking Dead season 8 positioned him for the story on Fear,” he explained.

With these tantalizing clues, fans are no doubt looking forward to finding out more and seeing how Morgan’s new part plays out.

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