Vijay Eswaran is Making a Difference in Many People’s Lives

Vijay Easwaran is a philosopher who uses his life experience to help people develop some insight about life. Easwaran is a believer in living life like if one has no more time to live. His inspiration installs idea to the majority of his followers.

Easwaran advises every personality in the community. He gives inspirational talks, writes books and articles targeting various people in the modern life. Easwaran is a resource for managers and leaders who are ambitious to leading their organizations with wisdom and insight.

Vijay Easwaran addresses different issues in life. He understands almost every character, feeling and emotion such as fear, excitement, dilemma, pride, confidence, change and loneliness.

According to Vijay, fear can drive success. He states that every person is prone to fear. He understands that some people may embrace doubt, use it and harness it to propel them to their success while fear may consume others. Vijay maintains that the difference between two people, the one who embraces it and the one that is overwhelmed by it, is that the former uses fear as their stepping stone to success while the latter leads a miserable life full of unhappiness.

He continued that fear is capable of paralyzing people or strengthening them. It only depends on how one takes it. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, Vijay has learned that today is the only thing that counts in life. He says that how one lives today reflects their lives. No one knows when life is going to end. Easwaran encourages people to maximize how they spend their today.

According to Vijay, three tips describe fear. The following tips address the meaning of fear.

  1. It can either paralyze or strengthen the conceiver.

Vijay believes that fear is unwelcome feeling in one’s life. He says that fear comes in when people pursue things that they truly want. He describes that kind of fear as a signal that one is on the right track.

  1. Fear motivates growth

Vijay noted that humans live in fear of uncertainty, unfamiliar things and change. He traces this fear back to the caveman who lived his entire life in a survival mode of life. He dismisses life predictability and familiarity saying that it is not a life of development and growth.

  1. Fear can be a masked excitement

Vijay notes that fear is more of an imagination than the real thing. He takes an example of skydivers. A skydiver is excited to throw himself into the air and feel the excitement just like the bird does. On the other side, fear consumes other people who are afraid of skydiving. They only imagine the worst scenarios.

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