Victor Lewis-Smith Wants To Create A Dalek Documentary

Victor Lewis-Smith, the esteemed BBC documentary filmmaker, is working on an interesting new project. Titled The Undiscovered Daleks, the crowdfunding project hopes to tell the secret history of The Daleks.


The Daleks have served as Doctor Who’s main nemeses since they debuted in 1963. The frightening and ominous metallic beings took the United Kingdom by storm. The Daleks returned time and time again over the decades. They never beat The Doctor, but they do create enormous havoc.


Terry Nation created the villainous beings and he wrote many of the most memorable episodes. Serious fans of the series surely watched all the Dalek episodes. Not everyone knows the full story behind the creation of The Daleks. The documentary should reveal the true tale about how these iconic science-fiction villains came to be.


Ironically, although Lewis-Smith has done a significant amount of work for the BBC for years, the network consistently turned down his pitches for a Dalek documentary. Lewis-Smith is going forward with his plans as evidenced by the crowdfunding campaign. Theatrical distribution is a possibility, but limited engagements won’t be the only venues in which to see the project. If it is completed, the documentary should end up being a hit on DVD, Blu-ray, and online streaming. The Doctor Who series has legions of loyal fans who would love to see the documentary on the Daleks. Does this not make the BBC’s decision to turn down the pitches for the project more quizzical?


Maybe not producing the documentary for BBC could work out for the best. Perhaps Lewis-Smith will be afforded more freedom to create a documentary closer to his personal vision.


The director’s labor of love might turn out to be one of the more intriguing sci-fi documentaries every produced.


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