US Money Reserve Becomes Sole US Distributor Of Queen Elizabeth Coronation Coins

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy will be forever cemented in gold, and the beginning of her reign as Queen of England which was a televised coronation is now on a 3-piece gold coin set that The Perth Mint and US Money Reserve are now selling. The set is rare and has limited availability.

It consists of a 2oz. gold proof coin, a 1/4oz. gold proof coin and a 1oz. silver proof coin and it’s one of 203 total 3-piece sets that’s sold in the US. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The front side shows the Queen’s head while the reverse has the St. Edward’s Crown and the Australian golden wattle flower symbol that was on the crown placed on the Queen during the ceremony. US Money Reserve has many other gold sets you can buy in their catalog.

One of the main challenges to buying gold is buying it from a reputable dealer because there are many companies who claim to offer high grade bullion or very high value sets, but few have the certifications and government backing that US Money Reserve has.

You get to physically own the precious metals you buy from US Money Reserve and they have information published on why you should. Gold isn’t simply for collectors or to put on display in your home. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

There are always times when paper money can reach unsustainable inflation levels or when governments spend too much and bring their countries into debt. When that happens, protecting your money in traditional savings accounts or IRAs may not do you any good. Owning physical gold is one of the most reliable ways to protect yourself.

Every time the stock market or global markets start seeing major losses, gold’s value usually increases. It’s wise to hold onto it until the markets stabilize when you can resell it, but certified coins are recognized as legal tender so you can use them to make purchases.

US Reserve also sells bars, but you should only purchase them if you understand the risks that come with them. Purchasing gold for the first time can be tricky, but US Reserve has helpful tips throughout their website which was also recent redesigned to serve mobile devices and include more photos in its gallery.

You can also receive live assistance while making a purchase or a return if you use the live chat app on the website. To get your free gold kit, go to

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