Tony Petrello And Family Are Personally Affected And Searching For A Cure While Focusing On Hosting Celebrity Events At Their Home

Recently when Tommy Tune returned to Houston, Texas, his hometown, he was welcomed back by Nabors CEO, Tony Petrello. Tony and his wife Cynthia welcomed Tommy into their home and hosted a special event which brought 50 friends in as well as many board members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre. The members who attended were on the advisory board for the Shadyside estate.

Tommy Tune had attended and graduated from the Lamar High and before heading off to New York City to become a Broadway star, Tommy had turned his attention to Patsy Swayze to teach him his footwork. Tommy was in Houston to perform at the Miller Outdoor Theatre where he was then performing in front of more than 5,000 of some of his biggest fans from his hometown.

Before Tony was even involved in Nabors as the CEO, he and his wife were known for throwing such lavish gatherings. Tony is a contributor to many different philanthropic businesses and resources. When the birth of their child came early, leaving them with a premature baby, they decided to use some of their own resources to make a difference in the scientific community. Since this time, Tony Petrello and wife have donated over $5 million dollars while still pledging to donate another $2 million for new research.

When their daughter Carena was born, she was born so early that she developed a very common problem that many premature infants have, periventricular leukomalacia. This condition causes infants to have a lack of blood flow to the brain which carries the oxygen they need, then leading to a number of health problems like cerebral palsy. It also leads to many other developmental concerns. Because their daughter has this disability, they are always looking for new ways to help the scientific community to find a way to treat and cure many medical problems.

Anthony Petrello had grown up struggling and therefore was committed to ensuring that when he was grown, he would have financial security behind him. That is why he worked so hard to earn good grades and attended Harvard Law School. What started out as an interest in Math then led over to an interest in human sciences.

Recently, when Hurricane Harvey touched down and affected Houston, Tony Petrello had a variety of employees who were affected by the hurricane. Because they were affected, Tony was determined about helping them out. Giving back to the community is very important for the members of Nabors and therefore when the hurricane was over, they knew they had to do something to help. The employees of Nabors were offered to receive paid time off if they were willing to go off and help those in Houston affected by the hurricane. Close to a $175,000 was raised for the community and Tony Petrello offered to match the money made which then allowed for the community to have over $300,000 to help them rebuild their lives.


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