Tom Green Returns to Comedy

Canadian comedian Tom Green was a regular fixture of late ’90s and early ’00s pop culture. Green enjoyed a brief marriage to Drew Barrymore, had his name immortalized by rapper Eminem, was fired by the 45th president of the United States and is responsible for the cinematic abomination known as “Freddy Got Fingered.” Green also gained fame for focusing an episode of his MTV television show on his testicular cancer. While all of these are tales of the Tom Green from the past, Green is gearing up for a new comedy tour throughout the United Kingdom.


Green commented that the persona he used for his old antics took its toll on him and he eventually burnt out on being on television. Green winces at descriptions of his old routine as shock or gross-out humor. While he has maintained a limited presence through “Tom Green’s House Tonight,” the online talk show pales in comparison to his return to traditional stand-up comedy. Green’s act covers the hazards of technology, social media, struggling with cancer and being childless at age 45.


Beyond his resurgence as a stand-up comedian, Green seems to be finally getting some degree of respect. Eric Andre, a comedian involved with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim program block, attributes Green’s off-the-wall antics as inspiration for his own career. At least one website has described Green as the progenitor of internet trolling.


Green sees stand-up comedy as his future. He jokes that twenty years from now, when he’s still performing for audiences, he hopes some people will be interested about his material from his 20s but will have to go looking around for video evidence rather than being consciously aware of it. Beyond his work with MTV and making Freddy Got Fingered, Green also stars in “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Stealing Harvard” and “Shred.” Green’s guest host appearance on “The Tonight Show” earned him his own late-night program on MTV, branded as “The New Tom Green Show.”


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