Tom Cruise Gets Mixed Results with The Mummy

Tom Cruise is one of the most bankable actors in the motion picture business. For well over 30 years, Cruise has consistently delivered one big hit after the other. The Mummy, however, will go down with a negative check mark on his storied resume.


The Mummy is the initial film in the Universal Dark Universe of new monster movies. The opening weekend for the feature is shaping up to be a bit of a disappointment. The box office in North America is underperforming and the critical reviews are downright vicious.


The director of the film, Alex Kurtzman, noted the goal of The Mummy was to “deconstruct” the average Tom Cruise film. To attempt to shake up expectations of Tom Cruise fans is a risk. Fans want to see their favorite star in a familiar performance. The Mummy chose to tweak things a bit, but this is not the reason for the film’s troubles.


Now, the critical troubles are obvious. The reviews are terrible. As for box office, the tepid performance in the United States is offset by the $169 million earned worldwide. That is, ironically, the biggest global opening weekend for a Tom Cruise movie ever.


Tom Cruise could not open the movie strong in the United States as his name value could not overcome an obvious problem: U.S. moviegoers don’t seem to be interested in big budget reboots of classic monster films.


Overseas, Tom Cruise’s name means automatic big box office and the huge weekend gross shows interest in a new direction for classic movie monsters exists.


Will Cruise remain a part of future installments in the Dark Universe? With sequels to Mission Impossible and Top Gun on the horizon, fans need to wait to see whether he makes appearances in Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man.


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