The Young Cast of “Stranger Things” Earns Big Pay Raise

The young men of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” have much to rejoice about. The young actors may be earning far more than adults actors do. With season three, the actors receive a pay increase to about $250,000 per episode. Originally, the young men received $30,000 per episodes while adults earned $100,000. With the show becoming a massive hit, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp all stand to massively cash in with the third season. They deserve the raise. Honestly, the actors might still be considered underpaid. Without them, “Stranger Things” really cannot go forward.

The “low pay” for the first season shouldn’t be looked at as Netflix not willing to pay the actors. “Stranger Things” was a proverbial question mark in terms of its ability to be a hit. The series likely came with a huge budget and no guarantee the series would translate into increased Netflix streaming subscribers.

As fans and Netflix executives soon found out, “Stranger Things” proved to be a huge success. In fact, the success proved to be far greater than anyone anticipated. “Stranger Things” is more than a hit TV/streaming show. “Stranger Things” has the potential to be the next big hit sci-fi cult show. What that means is “Stranger Things” could continue to make money for Netflix and anyone receiving residuals for decades.

The young actors could find themselves associated with “Stranger Things” for many years. Don’t consider it out of the realm of possibility they could make a significant amount of income on the convention circuit 30 years from now. The convention scene of today shows how sci-fi icons from previous generations do well with autograph signings and more. Why wouldn’t the “Stranger Things” cast be able to do the same in the future? At the present time, however, they won’t be worried about additional income streams. $2.5 million per ten episodes reflects a lucrative contract.

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