The Midas Legacy: You Are More Than Just Your Money

Predominantly helping investors, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking early retirement, The Midas Legacy is a unique organization that assists with the health and well-being of the whole person in addition to their financial goals for retirement. Their vast array of services include: finance, self-control, real estate, natural health, entrepreneurship, and retirement. In addition, they also offer investors and entrepreneurs opportunities to become a partner or take part in joint ventures as well. Their main goal is for the entire client to be healthy in all areas of life. Having abundant money for retirement is just as important to them as what you do with the money and it personally matters to them that you will be vivacious while enjoying your financial plenty when retirement comes.

They will mentor their clients on the chosen course, and they will see to it that your financial goals are met. Also, on the day you sign up you will receive their free book, “The Midas Code” that’s filled with clever solutions and pointers from expert investors, authors and entrepreneurs.

The Midas Legacy has a multifaceted staff to put custom-made plans together for each individual. Their wellness advisors will teach you holistic healing and their skilled financial advisors will enhance your knowledge in creative ways you never thought of before. They’ll do research for you, leaving you with only one responsibility: to put their advice to action.

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The staff of The Midas Legacy includes Jim Samson, Sean Bower and Mark Edwards. Jim Samson’s not only the publisher, but an entrepreneur, bestselling author, trading expert and a real estate magnate with decades of wisdom to offer the listening ear. Sean Bower is chief editor, and has spent his life as a business journalist. He has eye-opening advice on decision-making and capital markets that will profoundly enrich your understanding, and has been internationally quoted by Yahoo Finance, International Business Times and Nikkei of Japan. Finally, Mark Edwards serves as a lead authority in wellness and is knowledgeable in natural health and cures.

In closing, The Midas Legacy is socially concerned. It gives faithfully to charities including St. Jude’s, Salvation Army, ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project and The Florida Sheriffs Association. It’s simply moved emotionally to help all people in general, clients and charities alike.

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