The Integration of SCIM User Provisioning with OneLogin

Envoy refers to a Registration product which enhances the creation of a software that enables office visitors to sign in by through the use of an iPad. It serves to replace the outdated, insecure and tiresome logbooks used previously. The Envoy Visitor Registration provides an impressive guest visit by automating the steps that the process entails. The steps include visitor sign-in, digital NDA, the host notifications, and then the visitor badges together with the photos. It is worth acknowledging that their clienteles include individual technological companies that adopt the technologies promoting security and productivity.

Recently, Envoy worked together with OneLogin in line with the implementation of the SCIM protocol alongside user provisioning often referred to as an automated user on/offboarding. The feature is readily accessible to the Envoy Premium as well as Enterprise customers. Its setting up can go directly through the addition of the Envoy user provisioning connector to the application catalog of OneLogin.

The acronym SCIM represents System for Cross-domain Identity Management. Its objective is the simplification of the user provisioning as well as the management. Applications that are SCIM enabled permit customers to accelerate application rollout, and the adoption through synchronization of the user features into the application desired.

In the case of Envoy, the SCIM permits its clienteles of automatically provisioning sections such as the first name of the employee, last name, email, the office locations. It is even more directly from the directory of OneLogin into Envoy. The consistent synchronization enhances the elevation of the ongoing user management through making automatic updates of the user profiles as they arise.

With Envoy, the customer experience and the productivity can be optimized. Additionally, Envoy considers that the stale data brings down the experience of the visitor. It is for this reason that customers often sign out of the Envoy Visitor Registration as the records are updated, accurate and straightforward to manage. It, therefore, enables each employee build visitor invites then get notified upon the arrival of their guest.

The signing-in procedure for visitors simple. The implication is that they don’t take long looking through the inexistent employees. SCIM is considered a standard aiding the Envoy scale, and it is for this reason that Envoy adopted it.

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