The Evolution of Cedric the Entertainer

Fans of Cedric the Entertainer have known him for his comedy routine over the years. A lot of people are able to recognize him from The Steve Harvey Show. This is one of his lifelong buddies that he has made a lot of successful moves within the entertainment business.


Over time there have been a ton of people that have been interested in seeing the growth of Cedric the Entertainer as an actor. He has been able to deliver in television shows and movies. Over time Cedric would move away from Steve Harvey and create an even bigger name for himself. He would gain shows on various networks where he was the lead.


Cedric is currently working on a TBS show with Tracy Morgan and Tiffany haddish, but in this role he is still playing a comedic role. When it comes to the arts people are only going to look at your evolution as an artist when you can transition from the thing that you are most commonly known for.


What Cedric the Entertainer has become known for over the years is comedy. It has now been said that Cedric has arrived because he has transitioned from a comedic role in one of his upcoming projects to that of a drama role for an actor.


This is big news because Cedric has been in the show business game for more than two decades. He has even done stand-up comedy shows. His ability to capture a whole new audience with dramatic roles will be groundbreaking for his career. This is typically the thing that makes people pay more attention to an actor because they have to reach deep.


This is one of the reasons why there has been critical acclaim for dramatic roles that have been taken on by Will Smith over the years. He has been someone that has been taking much more seriously as an actor because he was able to move beyond his comedic roots.

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