The Class Dojo Growth Mindset that is Sweeping the Nation

When it comes to trying to teach youngsters these days, the entire education world is on it’s collective head. There may still be some great schools and there are obviously many great teachers as well, but between the testing, the budget cuts, and the general state of confusion when it comes to things like common core, it is becoming more difficult than ever to actually get to the point and teach students. That’s why one such system is starting to make up ground and fill in the gaps that have been created. That organization is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is not just a substitute for regular education, they are at least a supplement, and at best they are something different entirely. By teaching children important lessons of how to truly get ahead instead of just making them memorize and then regurgitate facts for tests, the Class Dojo team is truly starting to make positive impacts in the very students that they set out to help simply because of their strategy.

The point of the new Class Dojo Growth Mindset system is not just to teach facts, but rather it is to teach students how they can further learn. The system’s goal is to try and teach confidence as well as teach how you can increase your learning rate in general. While it may seem like a somewhat confusing topic for youngsters in general (and possibly even for some adults), the point is that everyone can learn and everyone can develop their skills and abilities so that they can learn even more over time.

The Class Dojo Growth Mindset is not just some fluke system, either. By partnering with Stanford University and some psychologists of the university, the Growth Mindset is aiming to gain traction on some areas that students not only need, but that they barely get any time and effort in. The focus needs to be strengthened (or at least addressed), and the Class Dojo system is targeting it for a reason.

When you think about not just learning random facts and figures, but understanding the entire process, then you can truly see an individual who will be better off in the long run. They will essentially understand how to teach themselves in a much more efficient manner than those who are just trying to continue memorizing instead of learning. The system is working, and there is definitely an interest in how the Class Dojo Growth Mindset model will continue to have success and create better (more advanced) students.


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