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OSI Group: the Food Company of the Future

OSI Group is a private US meat processing company that provides high-quality foods for many restaurant and food-serving industries and companies. In 2016, OSI Group was awarded by the British Safety Council the prestigious award of the Globe of Honour. This marks OSI Group’s success as a meat processing company, as it was only one out of eighteen different companies from across the globe to be awarded with this honor. The British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour is specifically given to companies that have extremely high-quality when it comes to environmental management. In other words, in order for the OSI Group to have received the Globe of Honour, it had to pass and achieve the highest rating, which is five stars in what the British Safety Council refers to as an “environmental management audit scheme” in the period of only one short year. On top of this, the OSI Group also proved themselves to the British Council as having a team of what can only be described as experts and professionals in the environment management business.

The OSI Group is no stranger to expansion. The organization continue to grow and flourish. Only recently, the company expanded its roots into Spain. The organization did this in order to increase its production of chicken products. After its expansion into Spain, the OSI Group boasts about “double” the amount of chicken product capacity it once had. Also recently, the OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, which is a company in charge of dressings and sauces, as well as pies, sous vide products, and frozen poultry products. Russell Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe states that this will tremendously help Flagship Europe in its success, as it will become more accessed by other “global markets,” which translates to new and even more customers. In addition to these two expansions, OSI Group also boasts of recently purchasing what was known as the Tyson Food plant. While many left the company due to a change in management, those remaining in the Tyson as it shut down officially as Tyson, were later kindly offered jobs by the OSI Group, to stay and work for them. Many of the remaining 250 employees did just that. Up until recently, OSI Group also purchased Baho Food, which was a Dutch organization that manufactured ready-to-eat foods such as, deli meats and snacks. David G. McDonald, the president and COO of OSI Group states that acquiring Baho Food will give OSI Group a more “broader presence in Europe.”

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