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How Sheldon Lavin Helped Turn Around OSI Group’s Fortunes

Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO and chairman of OSI Group, has one great vision for his company, bringing modern food processing to all countries around the world. This explains why he is continually stretching the food processor’s global reach through acquisitions. The achievability of Sheldon’s vision for the company can be pegged on the transformation that he has helped the food company achieve in the last four decades.

Sheldon Lavin’s history at OSI Group

Sheldon joined the meat industry as a financial advisor for Otto & Sons Company, now OSI Group, when the company was experiencing stressed financial challenges. While it had a national outlook, Otto & Sons had just missed the opportunity of being the largest hamburger suppliers to McDonald’s. His previous experience in the banking sector came in handy as he helped the company gain funds from lenders that proved instrumental in turning around their dwindling fortunes.

While here, Sheldon Lavin developed a huge interest in the food manufacturing and packaging industry. He went out of his way as a financial advisor to explore the market and look for local and international opportunities that the company could exploit. He not only helped source for local and international investments, he also brought a lot of business to the company.

This helped solidify his position within the company and when Mr. Otto decided to retire, Sheldon agreed to partner with the sons in furthering the company’s goals. The partnership would be occasioned by the change of the company’s name from Otto & Sons Company to OSI Group.

Managing partnership and acquisitions

Over the years Sheldon worked hard towards the expansion OSI Group, a fact that saw him acquire a controlling interest in the company and subsequent takeover of the company management. Nonetheless, achieving a controlling interest hasn’t stopped him from pushing the company’s goals even further. Rather, it served as a motivation. The food manufacturer’s expansionary moves started in the 1970s, when the company opened branches in North America and Europe.

Sheldon also oversaw an expansion of operations in South America, China, Japan, and South Africa. Today, OSI Group runs over 60 facilities spread out in 16 countries across the world. Most importantly, the food company has adopted new cost-cutting operational rules, under his management. This includes the acquisition of existing food companies in different countries across the world and expanding their operations as opposed to setting up new branches that take time to gain root in these new markets. It has also managed to bag the Globe of Honor awards severally and the man himself was recently recognized for his brilliant and innovative approaches after he was awarded the Global visionary award.

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