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Bruno Fagali says with cigarette packaging, there should be basic information, like the product name, manufacturer, importer, type of product, date of manufacturer, lot number, quantity and ingredients. Fagali says that the manufacturer’s data and the ingredients should be in English. All packaging should have a warning about harmful information and the prohibition of selling to any minors under the age of 18 years old.

New regulations should make it to where it is impossible for the wrapper to cover the warnings label and cannot tear or damage them. Fagali also says that stores should keep tobacco products far away from bullets, chewing gum, chocolates and anything else where children might be at. If stores don’t comply and follow these rules, there will be consequences such as, warning, fines and even prohibited from selling tobacco products.

In Brasil most companies don’t have diversity programs according to researchers. According to researchers companies are also not prepared and or not ready to deal with diversity in the workplace. Some people were not able to even deal with talking about the topic and very little people had said that they were ready to deal with having diversity in their company. There is lack of knowledge and education and even acceptance from managers and colleagues, plus no preparation from Human Resources. It could benefit businesses and have positive changes in the culture of different companies and it would show that different diversities are accepted by these companies.

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