T.J. Miller Talks Positively About Deadpool 2

T.J. Miller is one of the featured stars in the upcoming sequel Deadpool 2. Miller knows fans are looking forward to the new film and they are doing so with a bit of concern. Fans want a great sequel. Concerns exist that the new sequel may go too far into the humor direction that it becomes a slapstick feature instead of an offbeat hero film. Miller wants fans to feel confident that the forthcoming Deadpool feature won’t be a “Hangover 2-style” film.

Fans don’t want to be disappointed in Deadpool 2. Passion helped convince the studio to make the film. Fans don’t want to see that passion abandoned or ignored.

Out of all the superhero films produced, Deadpool was the supreme sleeper hit that exceeded all expectations. The film was a low-budget affair in which the studio, FOX, assumed would be a minor hit. Deadpool turned out to be a mega-hit. The film earned hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide creating a brand-new franchise for FOX. And FOX needed a new franchise since The Fantastic Four was destroyed due to a lousy reboot.

Miller wants fans to know the new film retains all the humor that made the original so unique. Along with the humor comes a darker tone. Fans of the comic book know Deadpool’s origins are quite dark. His humorous outlook and attitude derives from an attempt to cover up pain. How much the motion picture chooses to delve into this nature of the character shall be revealed in the new series.

Miller understands fans hold a special attachment to Deadpool due to the anti-hero’s unique nature. Miller’s reaching out to fans shows the actor wants them to know the new film may even top the original in terms of thrills, action, humor, and originality.


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