Sylvester Stallone Launches New Production Company

Sylvester Stallone has no desire to leave the movie industry behind. The film industry made Stallone an international star in 1976 when he starred in the classic film Rocky. Stallone’s acting days may be numbered, but he’s moving into a completely new role. Stallone recently founded Balboa Productions. As Stallone fans know, Balboa was the cinematic Rocky’s last name.


With the new company, Stallone will develop feature film projects with his partner. And he connected with a strong partner in Braden Aftergood. Aftergood produced a number of well-received films. His films also did well at the box office. Hell or High Water and Lone Survivor rank as two of his best films. Aftergood’s combination of developing prestige films with commercial potential could lead to some excellent projects with Stallone.


Stallone does seem to be interested in producing quality films. The very first film slated for development is a biopic of boxer Jack Johnson. Stallone recently made the news by lobbying President Trump to pardon Johnson. Johnson was the victim of a racially biased conviction over 100 years ago. The tale of the fighter’s life will now be told in a motion picture.


Consider it fitting that Balboa Productions chose to make his first movie about a professional boxer. Since the production company is a startup, little is known about the other projects planned in the pipeline. Stallone made a number of popular and hugely successful action movies. Likely, his new company will probably jump into the action genre full throttle.


Balboa Productions signed a distribution deal with MGM, a major studio. Stallone’s new venture definitely rises to “A-list” level.


Stallone has not completely thrown in the proverbial towel with acting. He reprises the Rocky Balboa role in Creed 2. Stallone also plans to give his other legendary character, Rambo, a final send-off. Stallone also directed features in the past. He may do the same in the future.

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