Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is an independently owned connection of facilities that provide elderly adult patients with personal care. They are originally located in the United Kingdom with other surrounding locations in East Sussex, West Sussex and London.

This company was founded back in March of 1985 and now has over 500 employees. There are also 20 different homes combined that include specialized doctors and nurses to help the elderly with different issues concerning dementia, neurological disorders, along with other mental and physical disabilities. This Healthcare organization has partnered with multiple companies to provide assistance and a voice for their patients.

At any rate, sending a loved one into a nursing home or special care facility can be hard and very emotional for the whole family. This is where Sussex Healthcare provides plenty of accommodations to make sure their patients are kept safe and as comfortable as possible. In fact, Sussex allows plenty of family and friends to visit their loved-ones any time and bring gifts for them as well. Their main concern and priority is to keep everyone happy and cozy in their new environment. A lot of their homes are privately designed to feel like an actual home with warm and inviting decor. Throughout the day, patients are able to enjoy nice relaxing baths, warm meals daily, comfortable beds, and cozy furniture. The elderly are also welcomed to get involved in extra activities such as:

craft classes
and different social gatherings!


These activities provide the maximum comfort level and a lot of therapeutic treatments at the same time. Another great addition to this company is their new state-of-the-art gymnasium for their residents. This gym provides excellent quality machines, different relaxation methods, and equipment for hydrotherapy such as:

elliptical machines
stationary bikes
underwater treadmills
free weights
indoor pool
hot tubs

They also have included different fitness programs and training exercises to residents. These programs help residents with their disabilities, and to keep them moving daily. It is also a healthy way to have fun and socialize with others. Sussex incorporates a complete wellness environment to all of their patients and is dedicated to serving them in the most professional and caring way. It is one of the most important things when it comes to a healthcare facility. The demand for nurses and caregivers has exponentially gone up and Sussex plans to keep their company growing! Overall, Sussex Healthcare has been extremely successful and ranked high in serving their patients for over 25 years now and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon!


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