Sir Paul McCartney Donates Family Photos To The V&A

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has been the home to many pieces of pop culture memorabilia including a beloved exhibition of more than 400 objects associated with the life and work of iconic musician, actor, and writer, David Bowie. A new addition to the collection of the legendary museum is a series of never before seen photographs by the wife of The Beatles Sir Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney was well-known for her work as a musician and campaigner for animal rights but initially found fame as a photographer in the 1960s before meeting and marrying Sir Paul in 1967.

The Evening Standard reports the announcement of the 63 strong photographic donation will form part of the opening of the newly realized V&A Photography Centre which is due to open in October 2018 and will feature some of the most famous artists from the history of the genre.

Linda McCartney had already made her mark as a photographer in the 1960s before meeting her future husband in 1967 and marrying the bass player in 1969; McCartney’s place in the V&A Museum cements her legacy as a photographer following her 1967 win as the U.S. Female Photographer of the Year despite her lack of patience in completing formal photography classes. One of the main claims to fame of Linda McCartney was her record as the first woman to have photographed a “Rolling Stone” cover and later appear on the cover as a subject; in 1968, Linda McCartney shot a portrait of guitarist Eric Clapton for the cover of “Rolling Stone” and featured as a subject alongside Sir Paul as a member of Wings in 1974.

The 63 images donated to the V&A Museum by Sir Paul McCartney and his family include family snapshots and professional images produced in the 1960s when she was most active as a photographer. Linda McCartney died in 1998 following her diagnosis with breast cancer in 1995 with Sir Paul McCartney pledging to continue her work as an animal rights campaigner after her death.

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