Robert Downey Jr.’s New Heroic Role: Mentor

Acting is a tough job. The job becomes tremendously difficult when the weight of a multi-billion dollar franchise rests on your shoulders. John Boyega knows this truth quite well. The young actor is featured prominently in the new Star Wars films. Boyega knows he will be compared to the iconic actors of the previous Star Wars entries, which likely adds a lot of stress to his performance. Thankfully, the actor received a bit of help and mentoring from someone who knows how tough carrying a franchise can be. Robert Downey Jr. lent some of his time to mentor Boyega, an act of kindness that deserves praise.

Robert Downey Jr. has consistently shown himself to be a caring and humble person. Tales of Hollywood excess are legendary. Actors who become “big stars” sometimes become a nightmare to deal with. Such stories are not associated with Robert Downey Jr., an actor who always shows his lighter side in all his endeavors. Taking time out to help a fellow actor is typical of the outstanding character Robert Downey Jr. embodies.

Boyega understood he needed some assistance considering the gravity of the role he signed up for. Boyega reached out to male stars in Hollywood. Downey Jr. was the person who graciously offered to speak with the young man and lend advice and experience.

The entertainment business would be an even better place if there were more actors with the positive attitudes of Boyega and Downey Jr. Maybe their professionalism and friendship will influence others.

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