Rick and Morty Appear in “My Little Pony”

It was easy to miss, but Bronies might have noticed the title characters from Rick and Morty make a cameo in a recent episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It was originally discovered on the Ricky and Morty page on Reddit.

Of course, they appear as ponies, since humans do not seem to exist in the world of Equestria. Nevertheless, they are recognizable: Rick has his spiny blue hair (mane) and fur the same grayish color as his skin. He’s also wearing a lab coat and has a chemistry flask as his cutie mark.

Morty, meanwhile, is yellow, like his human counterpart’s usual shirt, has a brown mane similar to Morty’s hair. His cutie mark, if he has one, is blocked by another pony’s head. As is usual, he looks like he does not want to be in whatever weird dimension it is that Grandpa has dragged him to this time.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has a lot of opportunities for silly little cameos and pop culture references like this, but if you are a fan, of course, you want to stop and overanalyze this. Given that Ricky and Morty has its title characters regularly travel through space and other dimensions, one could easily imagine that Rick’s Portal Gun took them into the pony universe. Perhaps the show’s “no humans” rule was so strong that it transformed them into ponies when they arrived, or maybe this is a product of another of Rick’s experiments.

Some fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic took offense at this brief inclusion, arguing that the creators should not be advertising a very raunchy, violent show on a program for kids. Others, however, note that it’s all in good fun. Note also that Rick and Morty has had several “crossovers” with Gravity Falls, since their creators are friends.

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