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Latest news on men in art begins with fantastic news the artist Alex Katz who is in his early nineties but is still raising the Bar for himself and the other guys. Alex Katz who recently turned 90 lives and works on the top floor of an original Soho building. He has a studio space at his home which entails paintings of landscapes and distinct faces. In his bathroom, Mr. Katz has a series of black-and-white photographs of New York City life by Rudy Burkhardt, the Swiss filmmaker and great supporter of Katz arts.

Alex Kaitz will be on air in November on his solo show occupying all the three floors of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Halen. Some of Alex art collection includes a lithograph Edward Munch’s, a drawing of a woman by Matisse displaying his economy of line.

On other news, a proposal for London’s New Holocaust Memorial has been unleashed. Holocaust memorial is memorial held in honor of victims of Holocaust. It is a symbol of remembrance to the horrors that were encountered, this stands as a reminder to the future generation and the importance of maintaining peace. A team led by David Adjaye a British architect and Israeli Ron Arad have been named the winners of competition to design UK’s new National Holocaust Memorial and a Learning Centre for Victoria Towers Gardens.

The design is expected to entail a path that runs down the structure this route will be able to lead visitors down the narrow stairs into exhibition space at the ground level. The memorial is scheduled to open in 2021 after being approved by the building regulators.

Finally, Leo Xu is named the Co-director of David Zwirner’s Hong Kong Gallery. Leo Xu who is the icon behind Leo Xu Projects space in Shanghai has stated that he is overwhelmed and is anticipated to join Zwirner for a three-year dimensional program. This program is innovative, and it incorporates leading artists in the industry. Xu has established some artistic including the Wolfgang Tillmans.

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