Prince Left A Legacy For Other Man In The Arts

When people think about men in the arts, they probably think of old painters whose paintings hang on the wall of museums. Or, maybe a vision of the starving artists on the streets of major cities come to mind. In today’s society, men in the arts include those who render services or products in the visual, audio, or any type of performance industry. Clothing designers, furniture designers, singers, actora, craftsmen, and many others fit into the profile as men in the arts. Everyone remembers the beloved singer, actor, and writer, Prince, who left an entertainment legacy when he passed away.


One of the things that Prince will be most noted for is his extravagant style in fashion. There were no boundaries for him. From his many purple outfits, his pants with booty cut outs, his many hair styles, or his choice in shoes, and high heels, he was always full of surprises that pleased, and amazed his fans. It was not only his singing that people loved, but his sometimes bazaar fashions that left them talking. Prince was also versatile in his music styles. He was a pop, R&B, and rock icon who inspired people, and other artists, to take risks. Your text to link…


Whether he was called by the name of Prince, The Purple One, His Royal Badness, or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, his music, and singing style was unmistakable. This man of the arts was proud of the feeling of freedom that he got from his music. He was free to exhibit his body, his sexuality, and music freedom in every aspect of his entertainment endeavors. Very few men in the arts can take claim to the many attributes that Prince embodied. Regardless of his many, sometimes, outrageous outfits, and the many liberties he took on stage, Prince was still a valuable role model who gave unselfishly. The world will always fondly remember the fantastically superior performances of the icon, Prince.

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