Peter Briger: The Forbes Billionaire Business Leader That Helps Investors Grow Their Alternative Assets

Leaders have to always stand out in order for their companies to sustain their lead in market competition. This is the reason why leaders undergo leadership training and other programs just so that they can get the most up to date knowledge for them to perform well in their companies. One of these experts who give insight on how leaders and individuals can tap the power of investments to grow their companies is Peter Briger of Banyan Hill Publishing. Peter Briger has been a tremendous influence in the reputation of Banyan Hill Publishing. There is countless evidence and reports already that would vouch for the credibility of Banyan Hill Publishing in advising investors on where to put their assets and how to protect them from potential ruin.

Peter Briger has been known in the global industry as the co-chairman of the board of directors and principal of Fortress Investment Group. It can be announced in this article that Peter Briger is already famous for being part of the Forbes Billionaire list. His fame at Forbes started when he already reached the position #317 in the Forbes list, which he gained after the work that he’s done with Fortress Investment Group. Briger’s leadership in Finance is testament to his self-made skills that made him rise to where he is right now as a finance executive. He’s married with four children now, and he’s based in New York. The Forbes’ list rank is impressive enough, but the fact that he also went to Princeton University, with Major in Associate in Arts and Master of Business Administration is also worthy of praise.

Along with Wesley Edens and Michael Novogratz, Briger co-founded Fortress in 1998, and since then has grown the company as an investment management company that helps clients with their alternative assets. The company’s strengths have already been tested in the field of hedge funds, credit funds and private equity. The career of Briger was also honed when he worked for Goldman, Sachs and Co, where he was part of the board as a partner in 1996. He is also known to be an active supporter of the non-profit group, Tipping Point, which is also a service provider serving low-income families that are based in San Francisco. Another involvement of Briger today is in the network of charter schools in the United States, called Caliber Schools, which helps committed students get the advanced support for them to get in four-year colleges.