WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Puts The Oomph Into Blogger’s Thin Hair

She’s a beauty blogger, and yet, Emily McClure has been cursed with the dreaded fine thin hair syndrome. That’s okay, because she is not alone, and there is a brand that can fix the common condition.
It’s called Wen by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) and features the famous no lather shampoo system. A-list beauties are big fans, and Emily wanted that kind of celebrity hair. So, she embarked on a personal 7-day hair journey using WEN by Chaz. She posted her results to Bustle.com, along with a daily hair log with hair selfies.

Wen by Chaz is a different cleansing experience that removes the harsh detergents found in store shampoos and conditioners. The creator is Chaz Dean, a beloved west coast celebrity stylist who lives a healthy lifestyle. He knew how bad these sulfates were damaging hair, so he developed his own brand of rich, pure, plant-based formulas. His special cleansing conditioners deliver strength, volume and gloss to hair of any type in any condition.

Once you try WEN by Chaz, it’s easy to get hooked on better hair days.

Emily bought from Amazon the FIG for her dry, damaged hair that is medium length. She was afraid to use a lot of product in the shower, but that is how WEN works.

Emily learned during her 7-day journey, that WEN worked best for her when she used it in the mornings each day. She got the volume and shine and manageability she was looking for. Her selfies show the proof in amazing, A-list hair. No one could ever detect that she really has fine, thin hair when she washes with WEN.

WEN by Chaz makes your hair red carpet-ready. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for testimonials and information about the product today!

The Midas Legacy: You Are More Than Just Your Money

Predominantly helping investors, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking early retirement, The Midas Legacy is a unique organization that assists with the health and well-being of the whole person in addition to their financial goals for retirement. Their vast array of services include: finance, self-control, real estate, natural health, entrepreneurship, and retirement. In addition, they also offer investors and entrepreneurs opportunities to become a partner or take part in joint ventures as well. Their main goal is for the entire client to be healthy in all areas of life. Having abundant money for retirement is just as important to them as what you do with the money and it personally matters to them that you will be vivacious while enjoying your financial plenty when retirement comes.

They will mentor their clients on the chosen course, and they will see to it that your financial goals are met. Also, on the day you sign up you will receive their free book, “The Midas Code” that’s filled with clever solutions and pointers from expert investors, authors and entrepreneurs.

The Midas Legacy has a multifaceted staff to put custom-made plans together for each individual. Their wellness advisors will teach you holistic healing and their skilled financial advisors will enhance your knowledge in creative ways you never thought of before. They’ll do research for you, leaving you with only one responsibility: to put their advice to action.

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Midas Legacy | LinkedIn

The staff of The Midas Legacy includes Jim Samson, Sean Bower and Mark Edwards. Jim Samson’s not only the publisher, but an entrepreneur, bestselling author, trading expert and a real estate magnate with decades of wisdom to offer the listening ear. Sean Bower is chief editor, and has spent his life as a business journalist. He has eye-opening advice on decision-making and capital markets that will profoundly enrich your understanding, and has been internationally quoted by Yahoo Finance, International Business Times and Nikkei of Japan. Finally, Mark Edwards serves as a lead authority in wellness and is knowledgeable in natural health and cures.

In closing, The Midas Legacy is socially concerned. It gives faithfully to charities including St. Jude’s, Salvation Army, ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project and The Florida Sheriffs Association. It’s simply moved emotionally to help all people in general, clients and charities alike.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: https://www.facebook.com/The-Midas-Legacy-210568429085043/

Doe Deere and Her Makeup Line, Lime Crime

There are many women entrepreneurs in the world today. However, not many of them have a business acumen that matches that of Doe Deere. Her story is one of victory and hope. The lady has managed to build herself a name in the beauty industry and the world of business in general. Because of her business skills and entrepreneurship capabilities, Doe has been able to change the industry she is in, and especially the beauty industry.  Doe is therefore a force to reckon with an inspiration to many women who look up to her.


Doe Deere’s story is one which is unique. It begins way back when she was born in Russia. She later moved with her parents to the United States of America where she was raised and grew into the woman she is today. Doe, interestingly, was never interested in makeup and beauty while she was growing up. It is however, interesting how she became enthusiastic about it and decided to give it a try later on. She was once a young girl who did not put on makeup or worry about fashion and making a statement but how things change! Her journey is one that has been that of many entrepreneurs who found a way and followed it to the end, however narrow the path was.


As a young lady trying to know how makeup and beauty worked, Doe Deere decided to make online videos to show others how to do their makeup and to match clothes with the right shade of lipstick. She got so interested in her new adventure that she decided to make clothes and sell them to buyers using online platforms like ebay. While she was selling her clothes, she discovered that there were no matching makeup options for them. This was how the idea of creating and developing her own makeup came into mind. She decided to start a company which she later called Lime Crime. The company, which became a boom from the start was created in 2008.


Doe was enthusiastic about her new business and even launched her first products the next year. This was the advent of the famous Unicorn Lipsticks which became an instant craze. Four years later, she launched the Velventines which were her first matte lipstick options in the beauty market. They became an instant hit because ladies saw the opportunity to try on daring colours which the line readily availed. As the CEO and the founder of the company, Doe always puts her unicorns in mind when she makes new products. She launched vegan products starting 2012 and has always stuck to her policy of producing quality makeup products for her clientele.

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New Hair by Chaz Dean

Having great-looking, lustrous hair that swings around in the air on a blustery day is nothing to take for granted. I’ve long envied the hair commercial girls who could swing their hair about freely, because I’ve never been able to. I have very oily hair that tends to get lank and flat. It’s very unmanageable, but I’ve never found a solution.
I gave up on my hair long ago, but I finally decided to try a new product called Wen hair by Chaz Dean as I heard it could help. The Sephora endorsed product line was developed by Dean in response to his hair salon clients who wanted something better.

WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is a combination shampoo and conditioner and it’s organic and all natural. These products smell wonderful!

Within days I was getting compliments, and yes, by the end of the week I had fluffy hair that I could swing around freely. It’s been just amazing to have nice hair for the first time!

Read the Wen hair results here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

WEN Hair Care products are also available at Ebay.

Look Fabulous Wearing Fabletics

The next few years has major changes coming for Fabletics, an activewear brand, created by Kate Hudson. According to Racked, customers will soon be able to try on their future clothing choices in one of the 75 to 100 stores opening over the next five years.  They took notice that not everyone is willing to make an online purchase without first knowing what kind of product they are dealing with along with liking a purchasing variety, so they are taking action to bring more options to everyone wanting to look fabulous. Their stores will also offer customers their subscription services that include discounted outfits delivered to their door once a month, providing customers with even more opportunities to stay up-to-date with Fabletics. First only offering options to women, Fabletics has made activewear options available to men as well, bringing in a larger customer base.

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Fabletics offers trendy fitness apparel to its customers at incredible low prices, making their products look not only fashionable but affordable as well. Having an attractive outfit on while getting a workout in is appealing to many and they offer that on their Facebook page. Its subscription members will only pay 25 dollars for their first 2-3 piece outfit and shipping is offered for free always. Even after customer’s first purchases, subscription members are offered purchasing prices at about half off what the outfit is worth. The subscription services of Fabletics include being offered recommendations of outfit choices based on what your style is and then you are billed and shipped the outfit of your approval each month. Regardless if you choose an outfit or not, your account is billed unless you choose to skip the month and then when you are ready you can choose the outfit to your liking.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Find & Purchase Anything Online Give Slyce Visual Search A Try


We have finally made it to the day and age where machines do save us time and energy in our daily lives. You can order a pizza on your phone without even talking to someone, giving you more time to make your purchase without having to feel jostled or confused. It is certainly a luxury to have all of this technology at our fingertips. It saves us time, and we do not have to visit actual locations to buy things anymore. It is nice to go to a mall from time to time, but I do not want to visit a shopping mall every time I want to buy a tie or a pair of socks. In addition to saving us time because we do not have to go to the actual store, this new technology in online shopping allows us to make smarter purchases when we shop for our favorite products online.

Take Your Time To Shop Wisely

The time that you spend online shopping can be more comprehensive than ever before when you have the assistance of advanced computer softwares that find the product you are looking for without you having to type out a single word on your browser. That use to be the only way to find anything online. You would have to go to one of the major search engines or online stores, and you would type out what you wanted, and you would pray that the results would be accurate. The results were usually not accurate, however.

Finally, image recognition software has been invented to make our lives better. One of the leading creators of image recognition software to be used on the smart phone is Slyce visual search engine. They have developed some of the most advanced systems for shopping online by simply using the camera on your smart phone. Did you know that the little camera on your smart phone could be used for more than just taking silly self portraits?

Slyce is free to download, and it is incredibly easy to figure out how to use this application. It is easy to figure out for the young and old generations alike. I showed my grandmother how to use Slyce, and now she does most of her shopping online, which is great because she is getting old, but she still likes to shop for the family. Give Slyce online visual recognition a try today!

Securus: The Proof is in The Pudding

People can talk and people can lie. However, one thing they can’t deny are the facts when the truth that is out there. That speaks for itself and quite frankly, it speaks volumes. You can try to weasel your way out of the truth or backtrack, but in the end, the truth will always win and the public is smart enough to know the truth from a lie when they see it. They can sense it, they can smell it, and they just know it. That is why Securus is going to be releasing a series of releases in regards to GTL (Global Tel-Link), which will inform the public of all of the underhanded and mischievous behavior they have been up to in regards to how they run their day-to-day operations.

In case you are unfamiliar with GTL, they are company which affords prisoners the chance to speak with their families while they are in prison. It is like a calling card for prisoners. However, their prices are out-of-this-world and they are taking advantage of people that yes, they are prisoners, but maybe they just need a second chance at life. If we shut the door on everyone that did something wrong, the world would be a very, very lonely place. That is why we have to give people a second chance when it is warranted.

However, GTL is all about the bottom line, which is money, and how much they can make, no matter how they make it. Thankfully, people have Securus, which isn’t the type of company to sit by and do nothing.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sanjay Shah – CEO and Founder of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a successful businessman, accountant and entrepreneur who has many years of experience in each industry. He started as an accountant working for many prominent businesses and banking industries when he decided to open his own trading and consulting investment firm called Solo Capital. In September of 2011, he finally launched the company and it quickly rose to a net worth estimated in the millions. The company started out with just a few employees and they all worked very hard for a year. Little did they know that Solo Capital would blossom into such a successful company with over 39 locations and 1000 employees. Solo Capital’s headquarters are located in London but there are offices spread throughout the area. The company has been quite successful in conduction business and has allowed Shah to sit back and relax a bit, semi-retiring from the business and pursuing other areas of interest.

Sanjay Shah is originally from Kenya. He moved to Central London with his family to attend King’s College where he wanted to become a doctor. He started studying medicine and decided that it wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore. He changed his major to accounting, and started studying the world of finances. After graduating college, he continued with his career in finance and learned many avenues and gained a lot of experience, but was tired of the commute.

In 2011, his youngest son was diagnosed with autism and it changed his life along with his wife and family as they learned how to help him. Shah started a charity called Autism Rocks. It was launched in 2014 and is charity event that focuses on raising money to help raise awareness and aid in research. Many people are diagnosed with autism and Shah wants to be able to help those in need and better understand the condition. Autism Rocks is an invite only concert event that invites famous musicians to perform and help raise money for the charity.


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Public Safety Is What Securus Technologies Promotes And Upholds

When it comes to integrity, Securus Technologies is a top provider for technology for the public safety. They provide civil and criminal justice technology solutions, including corrections, monitoring, investigation. It was their release of multiple reports of wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. (GTL)
Website PR Newswire.com reveals that Securus intends to release a series of articles on GTL’s wrongdoing and their disrespect for their customers. This will be done over a period of six months in press releases that will review issues of systematic wrongdoings or potential wrongdoings. This is done in regards that GTL will start acting with integrity that is expected of a company of their nature. Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies states that he was offended when a carrier has no conscience for their customer’s well being. He further states that Securus’ mission is more than making money. They choose to serve all their customers in highest regards.

Louisiana Public Service Commission Order No. U-20784-B can be seen in complete form and is posted on the Securus website. Your text to link…

As one of the top providers and an A+ accredited business by the BBB, Securus Technologies has a commitment to serve and connect over 3,450 law enforcement and corrections facilities across North America. They also serve 1,200,000 inmates.
Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters.

For more information visit:Your text to link…

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies

Igor Cornelsen: Brilliant Investor Shares His Secrets

Igor Cornelsen is known for his smart financial sense, especially as it relates to investing in the stock market. At one time Igor managed a massive percentage of Brazil’s entire gross economy. He built his success on the understanding that investments are a lifelong commitment that you need to be committed to like you are committed to your career. He is a big advocate of spreading your money out over several companies instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket. Going after the “hot” company is not advised. Instead, look for companies that have had consistent long term success. He advises people to steer clear of “broken companies” and stick with success and reputation.

He currently works for Bainbridge Investments, Inc. which is located in the Bahamas but spends most of his time these days in southern Florida enjoying his golfing hobby. He is also involved in a lot of consulting work focusing on helping investors make smart, long-term investments. He’s a strong supporter of the phrase “There’s No Such Thing as Free Money” and stresses the fact that this type of investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Currently, his focus is on the Brazilian market and he encourages others seeking advice to consider Brazil as well.

Igor Cornelsen advises busy investors regarding Brazilian stocks by coaching them with the basics of the financial market in Brazil and provides three key tips on how to deal with the challenges of investing in Brazil.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Igor Cornelsen – JusBrasil

First, he encourages people to network. Connecting with the locals can lead to valuable insight. Brazil has many eager entrepreneurs that are fairly social in nature and love to share their successes and challenges.

Finally, he stresses the importance of understanding foreign currency restrictions. It is required that you use an authorized financial institution for currency transactions. There is also not a single exchange rate but will vary based on the transaction. All of the rules and regulations can be tough to navigate but he explains that’s what makes the payoff even greater in the end.

Igor Cornelsen’s philosophies are not complex. Focus on investments long-term. Knowledge is king; do your homework on the companies and countries you are looking to invest in. Don’t be afraid to invest somewhere new but be prepared to understand the challenges. Finally, be diverse. Spreading your money out will be the most beneficial to long term success.

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Look Good, Feel Good