Buying Gold Is Your Best Bet

The value of gold always increases during times of economic uncertainty; the intrinsic value of precious metals is something that can not be denied. For a person who wants the peace of mind of knowing the money they put into an asset will be secure, buying gold is the best option.

The U.S. Money Reserve specializes in selling precious metals, like gold, silver, and platinum. They have a unique edge over other precious metal sellers; the founder and president of the U.S. Money Reserve used to be the director of the U.S. Mint from 1994-2000.

Philip Diehl, who founded the U.S Money Reserve in 2001, has brought over the years of experience in handling currency to his own company. When you purchase anything from the U.S. Money Reserve you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are purchasing from one of the best companies in the industry.

They offer customers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases, except bullion. The U.S. Money Reserve has provided their services to over 400,000 customers around the world, and they have a staff of professionals who are experts in precious metals, and legal tender products. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Being that gold is a finite resource its value is practically guaranteed to increase in the long run. We now live at a time of increased risk of cyber-attacks on banks, a time where security breaches are always possible. When you own gold you place your money into an unhackable, untraceable asset. Gold is also easy to liquidate, there is very little waiting time between the sale and receiving the money it is worth.

The U.S. Money Reserve has recently published a digital book called “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money”. The purchase of this digital book comes with a limited time offer of purchasing one-tenth of an ounce of American Eagle Gold Coins. A financially savvy individual who has money will purchase gold.

The book explains how people can protect their money by purchasing gold, because unlike money, the value of gold does not fluctuate based the country you are in. Money only has as much value as people believe that it has, which is why everyday news can send the value of some currencies plummetting.

Character Actor Adam West Dies at Age 88

Adam West, the first actor to portray Batman in colorized media, passed away from leukemia at the age of 88. While West’s acting career gained a steady second wind through his voice work as characters like the mayor of “Family Guy’s” Quahog, Rhode Island, and several voices on “Robot Chicken,” few ever forget that the man was best known for playing Batman on television during the 1960s. Additionally, West’s time with the campy comic book program may have contributed to its evolution into a biweekly program for two seasons, as well as meriting a theatrically-released film, but the role also helped to pigeonhole his acting career for quite a while.


West was also notably distressed with the tonal shift in Batman’s character that began when Tim Burton’s “Batman” film released in 1989 and seems to have only continued with Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder’s takes on DC Comics’ dark knight; where West portrayed a Batman who served as a bastion of comicdom’s “silver age,” these newer versions portrayed the caped crusader as a dark, brooding vigilante. In an interview with Variety, West shared his thoughts on the character of Batman as it changed over half a century; he felt that money had played a huge role and when his work as Batman became a hindrance to his career, he doubled down on his involvement with the character.


While some grew to positively associate West with a comic book character come to life, newer fans of the source material, especially fans of the ’70s and ’80s Batman books, grew to loathe West by association; that decade was when Batman seemed to grow more dark, brooding and angsty.


Beyond his time as an actor, West also became a published author. Released in the ’90s, West’s “Back to the Batcave” covered behind-the-scenes anecdotes of his time on ABC’s Batman and shared his anger and dismay at not being given the chance to reprise his role in Burton’s film.


Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover Retires from Music

Rapper Childish Gambino shocked the crowd at his recent Governor’s Ball Music Festival performance by casually announcing his retirement from the hip-hop scene. The musician and actor, better known to some by his real name, Donald Glover, closed the show by telling the audience “You’re in my heart. I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”


Glover confirmed the news at a promotional event for his two-time Golden Globe winning FX series, Atlanta. The actor and musician told the Huffington Post that he no longer felt his music career was “necessary.”


Glover’s rap persona was never meant to dominate his career. During a 2015 appearance on the Today show, he said, “I want to have periods in my life. I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close. I like endings.” This also isn’t the first time Glover has shocked fans by suddenly walking away from a project. The actor famously retired from his lead role on the hit NBC comedy series Community during its fifth season, citing a desire to pursue work that offered him more independence and creative freedom.


Glover’s most recent album, the gold certified, Awaken, My Love!, marked a huge genre shift for the musician. Unlike his previous, largely rap-dominated releases, Awaken experimented with gospel, psychedelic rock, and funk. The album’s success may have played a part in Glover’s choice to retire from music. He told the Huffington Post “There’s only so far you can go before you just are the radio.”


Fortunately, while Glover’s rap stint is coming to a close, he still has a lively acting career. In addition to Atlanta, the actor is cast in the as-yet untitled Han Solo movie as the legendary Lando Calrissian. He is set to enter the Marvel Extended Universe franchise with an undisclosed role in 2017’s Spider-man: Homecoming. Donald will also be starring as Simba in the 2019 live-action remake of Disney’s classic, The Lion King.


Given the demands of his acting career, it’s understandable that he’d decide to step away from music. There’s also the possibility Glover could resurrect his Gambino persona eventually. Glover told the Huffington Post “You know, I like it when something’s good and when it comes back there’s a reason to come back, there’s a reason to do that.” His roles in the upcoming Star Wars film and Lion King remake show that he’s not adverse to projects that build on franchises fans assume had finished.


Singer Phil Collins Performances Rescheduled After Injury

Singer Phil Collins experienced a slip-and-fall injury that has altered his touring schedule. The 66-year old rock musician, known for the band “Genesis,” slipped in the bathroom and seriously injured his head. Collins’ press and management team gave a statement about the situation and how it will affect his fans.


The statement commented on how Collins experienced difficulty walking due from a case of “foot drop” incurred from having an operation performed on his back. Collins had slipped in his bathroom and hit his head against a chair hard enough to open up a gash near his ocular cavity and necessitating stitches. While Collins seems to be recovering well, he was kept under 24-hour observation. The medical shake-up was sufficient to force Collins to change a pair of Royal Albert Hall performances from June 8 and 9 to some time in late November. Collins apologized to his fans and thanked them for the warm reception during his first performance in a decade.


While the Royal Albert Hall performances were rescheduled for November, Collins’ “Not Dead Yet (Live)” tour is set to perform in Cologne, Germany’s Lanxess Arena on June 11th. Additionally, Collins will return to London for a June 30th concert to be held outdoors in Hyde Park. Tickets for the June 8th Royal Albert Hall performance will be honored on November 26th and the June 9th performance will be honored on November 27th.


Foot drop is a condition that results in the shortening of one leg, usually due to stroke, issues with the sciatic nerve, issues with the musculature of the rear lower leg, certain diseases, toxins or as a side effect from reconstructive work along the knee or hip region. Depending on the severity of the condition, foot drop can be temporary or an on-going ailment. The most notable issue with the condition is that the person may either have difficulty or an inability to lift his toes or foot below the ankle.


Adam West of Batman Fame Passes Away

Millions of people around the world are coming to grips with the sad news the legendary Adam West has passed away. Adam West was, of course, the man who donned the cartoonish cape and cowl in the 1960’s Batman television series.


West passed away at age 88 after battling leukemia. Although the Batman television series only aired for three seasons, the programmed lived on in syndication and cable television for decades. West’s campy portrayal of Batman is among the most memorable of all portrayals in television history. Although he was not the first person to play Batman in a live-action setting and he definitely was not the last, Adam West is the actor most associated with the role.


Children grew up watching the reruns of the series, a program designed more for lighthearted comedy as opposed to the dark, grim origins the Dark Knight found in the comics. The Batman program of the 1960’s was perfect for the time period. Unfortunately, the series was short-lived since it became part of a fad.


After the series ended, Adam West found acting roles limited although he did an enormous number of live appearances through the 1970’s.


Over the past two decades, West has received greater appreciation for his performance as Batman. Very few actors could have made Batman as memorable as West. He truly captured the fun theme of the show, which did require really having a pulse for what the audiences wanted at the time.


Adam West definitely did not slow down in his later years. Appearances on Family Guy and lending his voice to animated projects kept him busy and in the public eye. He will be surely missed by legions of fans.



Duda Melzer Assumes Executive Presidency Position of the RBS Group

On Tuesday, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer assumed the Executive Presidency of RBS Group position during an event that had illustrious presences. According to Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer, it was a dream come true. Since 2004, Eduardo Melzer has been rising in ranks from the position of Director General for the National Market where he performed exemplary and got promoted to be the Vice President of Market Business and Development. After a couple of years, he assumed the Executive Vice President position at RBS Group, a position he has served with diligence and commitment until now he has been named the Executive President.

According to Valor, Nelson Sirtosky, the outgoing president and uncle to Eduardo Melzer, said that he is confident that Melzer will carry on the good work that he had started. In his inaugural speech, Eduardo affirmed that for the two years he has been the Vice President he has been molded, and with the 12 years of experience, he will live to the values and principles that form the solid base of the group. He added that he would closely follow his grandfather’s strategies to accompany technological development in the company’s dealings. However, Eduardo promised that he will not use the technology as an alternate of human resource, but will combine both to form a more potent force for the success of the company.

Nelson said that he will be on the back to support the organizational plans as well as the new CEO. Eduardo Melzer pledged to commit himself to making sure that RBS Group will be a safe place for each individual with interest in the group. Eduardo promised to increase profitability index of this family business, and he said he would welcome positive critics from the stakeholders. Eduardo pointed out that he will tirelessly link with other media companies to increase relevance in San Catarina and the Rio Grande do su Rio. You can subscribe on Youtube.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand Is Changing The Way Women Shop

Are you an active woman always on the go and looking for clothes to fit that lifestyle? Fabletics can be just the right brand for you. The company is led by renowned actress and personality, Kate Hudson. The company is focused primarily on how Kate Hudson can help revolutionize the way people find their products. Hudson loves the fact that the company is reaching out to everybody out there who want activewear, and she works very close with the team at hand to ensure that customers are getting satisfactory experiences with the company. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is known for being the solution for everything you need for when you want quality active wear in one spot.


They are opening up several new shops and stores in person to allow for people to actually get to do some window shopping and try on the clothes without any of the awkward embarrassment of just wanting to try new clothes on. Kate Hudson wants to provide people the chance to get to be a part of Fabletics without having to be just online. The in person stores are great for experiencing Fabletics at its best. Now you can window shop to your hearts content without worrying if the clerk at the counter is judging you or not.


Fabletics is the company that Hudson is proud to take over and handle. She checks up on everything within the company. Things like handling the online store and what clothes get sent in or not, how much the company earns a week, alongside what ways to advertise and market the company is best. There are more than just traditional ways to advertise, and the brand is trying to utilize Hudson on her work to make sure the brand is reaching its goals online and throughout the different platforms there are.


Kate Hudson is by far one of the best people for the job because she loves the business aspect. For almost three years of her time, she has spent working with the team behind Fabletics to ensure that they are successful. Hudson takes on the role of the Mother figure for the company because she knows what she is capable of and what she can offer. This is the company to buy from because they care about their fans. Take their quiz and let them know what you are mainly looking for so they could give you what’s needed.

Alexandre Gama Is A Reputable Advertising Consultant

As a reliable advertising services provider, Alexandre Gama consults with his clients frequently throughout the marketing, promotions or advertising campaign creation process, to make sure that they are satisfied with the results. From start to finish, he can handle your campaign and help produce a significant return on investment. Alexandre Gama is passionate about obtaining great outcome for his clients and he takes the time to know their business, before developing and implementing a campaign. He works hard to craft advertising message that effectively presents the client’s product or business in a positive light.

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Jose AuriemoNeto Leads JHSF into a Real Estate Empire

JHSF is a real estate Company dealing with high-end real estate properties in Brazil. The Company has been involved in different projects in both commercial and residential properties.JHSF, founded in 1972 participates in the development of shopping centers among other projects. Under the leadership of Jose Neto, JFSH has been recognized as a leader in the real estate industry in Brazil.It’s innovation, quality and the ability to use modern technologies in its development are part of the Company’s core values. The Company operates in different sectors; Airports, Hotels and Restaurants, and shopping centers. Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro is most successful JHSF projects. The hotel features a retro style and vintage interiors.Due to the success, it has received, JHSF has established other international offices in New York and Uruguay. To increase their revenue, JHSF developed different projects to promote a regular cash flow. One of those projects included Catarina Executive Airport. Catarina Fashion Outlet, founded in 2014, received the Outstanding in Other Formats Awards. JHSF has also received other Awards including the Best Developer in Brazil.In 2007, JHSF became a public traded Company on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

About Jose Neto

Jose is the Chairman and the Executive Officer of JHSF. Jose has been responsible for different projects that have significantly improved the Company’s portfolio.Neto joined the Company in 1993 and was in charge of the development of the Parkbem in 1997. This is a service department that managed the parking lot. After attaining success, Jose launched the Company’s first shopping destination; Shopping Santa Cruz was founded in 1998.Jose is the President of CidadeJardim Mall, established in 2007. A Cidade has a 78,000 sq.ft, and with over 180 stores, the Mall is the most successful Malls in Brazil. Two years later, Jose led JHSF to sign contracts with Jimmy Choo and other renowned fashion brands. The Company later opened shopping outlets on the Cidade Mall.The Company also signed a contract with Valentino. CidadeJardim is the first Mall to have five high-end fashion brands.

E-governe Is Being Adopted By Organizations Such As Osasco

Osasco is an important municipality in Brazil. It is getting integrated with the client portfolio of ICI. The municipality of Osasco is located in Greater São Paulo. It has signed the contract for implementing e-governe. This is the Educação school management system on It is also being used in Teresina which is the capital of Piauí.

As per the contract, ICI will be supplying computer equipment and all kinds of inputs. It will be responsible for installing an electrical network. Besides, it will be organizing a call center too. This will be for Municipal Education Department of São Paulo. All the 138 school units will be getting covered under the e-governe of Osasco. It will also cover the Municipal Education Department headquarters along with its Continuing Education Center.

The advantages of e-governe in Education are quite clear to all. It ensures the integrity of information. Besides, it retains its uniqueness as well as security too. The management reports can be issued in real time. Next, it can easily be accessed through the Internet. This means that there is no need to go to a school or some other institution. It can be accessed from the convenience of the home too.

With e-governe, shared reports can be provided and shared with all. This will help to eliminate or minimize duplication of work. The access can be controlled as varying levels of security ensure access privileges as defined by the system administrators. This also helps to ensure agility in meeting various demands of the school units.

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Osasco is the fifth largest city in terms of size in the State of Sao Paulo. It has one of the highest indexes in terms of state development. The city is known for the number of entrepreneurs in its population. The total population of this city is already beyond 700,000 inhabitants.

Osasco has the 23rd GDP among all the municipalities in Brazil. It has a thriving economy. The municipality of Osasco is the living portrait of a sustainable economy that is showing a lot of social progress. This kind of development has been promoted by industries, besides the retail and wholesale traders along with service providers. Hence the city has attracted Federations, Associations along with other bodies that represent productive activity.

Osasco is the headquarters of the São Paulo State Industries Center – CIESP, as well as the Federation of Trade Associations – FACESP. It also houses Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service – SEBRAE. There are various Trade Boards and trade unions here along with the SENAI as well as SENAC units.

A few of the companies make a major impact on the Brazilian economy. These include Banco Bradesco which is among the largest private financial institutions in Brazil. Its headquarters are located here. Even the SBT is located here. It is the second largest television network nationally. The city also houses the graphic park that belongs to the Diário de São Paulo newspaper. Osasco is the distribution center of big multinationals that include McDonald’s, besides Ponto Frio as well as Coca-Cola.

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