An Overview Of The Healthcare Industry And Drew Madden’s Contributions In Shaping It

Good healthcare is the backbone of a stable economy of any country. The healthcare industry serves as a platform where many opportunities to improve the world exist. Enacting a successful business in the healthcare domain does not only mean creating a billion-dollar company but also saving and improving the lives of many people. One of the primary factors as to why healthcare is a lucrative industry to invest in is because it is a massive industry in the U.S. estimated to have a $3.35 trillion market value. Although it is such a huge industry, it is ever growing thus giving many entrepreneurs an opportunity to invest. Moreover, the healthcare industry is open to innovations hence there is no set limit for the number of entrepreneurs entering this sector. With big regulatory shocks, slots for new players in the healthcare industry are increasingly becoming open.


The ever-expanding health tech space is gradually becoming filled with many technological companies which are striving to make this industry consumer friendly. It is a move motivated by companies such as Amazon with are renowned for being consumer-friendly. With an entry of these technological companies, more people are expected to benefit from good healthcare. Companies such as Aetna, CVS, and Amazon reach many people across the country thus the move of delivering consumer-friendly business models and technologies will ensure that millions of people benefit by living longer lives and in good health.


With demand for provision of consumer-friendly services in healthcare, there is a need of seeking the right expertise. Drew Madden is an individual who strives to impact a positive change in this industry by offering services such as building good company culture, improved client partnerships, and creating competent teams. Drew Madden’s impeccable knowledge of health IT entrepreneurship has assisted him in achieving an unsurpassed performance record in Nordic Consulting Partners. Drew Madden joined this firm in the year 2010 but served as its president from 2011 to 2016. During his tenure, the company saw an increase of client partners from three to one hundred and fifty. Moreover, the annual revenue of Nordic grew from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.


Drew Madden’s incredible performance led to the creation of more employment opportunities which led to an increase of the employees 10 to 725.


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Daniel Taub speaks out for Israel on Irans Nuclear Program

Daniel Taub was the Israeli ambassador to the UK until 2015. He later took up various responsibilities with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Defense Forces. He is a well-schooled person with a degree from Oxford University among other top educational institutions.

He is a specialist in international law; a skill which the Israeli authorities have continued to utilize to date. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Currently, Daniel Taub is the Director of Planning and Strategy at Yad Hannadiv Foundation in Israel. He was recently interviewed by the independent after he led a high powered delegation to Washington to vouch for support for Israel’s take on the recent UN-sponsored deal that saw Iran allowed to continue with its nuclear program.

He says that if left to its devices, the world is set to see Iran manufacture a nuclear bomb.

The Israeli Strategy

In what surprises many analysts of international affairs, Mr. Daniel Tub says that Israel is prepared and is already forging alliances with several countries that were perceived to be enemies in the Middle East, to make sure that Iran does not accomplish its mission of manufacturing a nuclear Bomb. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Mr. Taub, an expert in International Law observes that the recent agreement between Iran and the UN to allow the former to proceed with its nuclear program was a bad idea. He says that Israel was never in support of the Geneva Agreement and is now rallying for support to prevent the worst security disaster that could happen in the Middle East.

Mr. Daniel Taub says that Iran is forging dangerous Shia Muslim alliances that threaten to destabilize the region. He says that there is already an operational network of Shia extremists running from Tehran all the way to Beirut.

He notes that the networks are deliberate moves by Tehran to mete terror on Sunni Muslims and Sunni-leaning countries. It is for the latter reason that Taub argues that its former enemies will have no choice but to join Israel in the mission to fight a common enemy.

Fighting a Common Enemy

Mr. Taub says that the countries that were thought to be Israel’s enemies will be more than willing to fight along Israel so that they can be able to preserve their national pride and stop Iran’s aggressive tendencies and dominance in the Middle East.

He notes that the Alliance that Israel is forging is based on important strategic matters that the countries cannot afford to ignore. According to Daniel Taub, politics change with the needs and interests of the time.

Jeremy Goldstein Says Many Companies Are Considering Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is a homegrown New Yorker who has been working in the field of law for more than two decades. He has a great deal of experience as a lawyer and specializes in compensation for corporations and management teams. His law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is well-known throughout the country today for their law expertise. They also give their clientele advice on finances and business management.


Today, there are many corporations out there looking into new compensation options for their employees to save costs, promote productivity, and save time for everyone. The traditional way for companies to compensate their employees was through stock options that could be held onto and invested in. This is becoming more and more of a problem for companies these days, and many employees would prefer other forms of incentive for their work as well. While stock options can be easily understood by most employees and the burdens on a company in the form of taxes is lowered, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages in the current market. Not only can stock options be very costly for a company, something that newer or small companies cannot handle, employees would actually prefer a different form of incentive.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, there is a noticeable difference among both parties, but there is a viable solution to be had among these knockout options. A compromise is going to be necessary for corporations out there to satisfy their employees and increase company productivity. This alone will account for the costs involved with increasing employee compensation. The majority of employees are happy with higher salaries over any other form of compensation, despite the difficulty in understanding it sometimes. Jeremy has discussed the knockout options available to corporations and he has published articles online going into the specifics of these options. That being said, any companies that wish to stick with stock options are going to need to be aware of the issues that come along with it. Learn more:

The Struggle With Depression and How Neurocore Helps

Life is something that is different for everyone. For one thing, everyone has to figure out his own struggle with life. This is especially the case when it comes to depression. As people are learning more about depression, they are also learning about all of the misconceptions of depression. It is common knowledge that depression is more than just feelings of sadness. It is also established as something that people are not able to just snap out of. There are a lot of factors that help people figure out if they have depression and the type of depression they have. See more information about Neurocore at

Among the signs of depression that people experience is a loss of interest in things that they used to enjoy. While it is common for something that was once enjoyable to lose its novelty, this is not to be associated with a total loss of interest in something. One who loses complete interest in something that he enjoys is more than likely to be suffering from depression. Once it gets to that point, it is time for people to look into some kind of way to treat the issue. This can lead to other issues in the person’s life. This is one of the reasons that it is important to address depression and look for treatments.

One of the best treatments for depression is Neurocore. One thing that Neurocore does that sets it apart from the other treatments for depression is train the brain. The other treatments of depression seem to mask the problem with side effects. This is one very huge issue for people who are trying to get their lives back on track after being down for so long with depression.

Know more:

Neurocore has such a huge effect on the mind because it trains the person to think in certain ways by using a video. The video plays as long as the mind is in one state. When it is working in a productive state, then the video will play. Once it gets out of the productive state, then the video will stop until the mind gets itself back in the right state. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Alex Pall One Half of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a part of the DJ/Production duo known as the Chainsmokers. In May of 2016 the Chainsmokers released their song “Closer”, the song features Halsey. Unlike their song “Roses”, which put them in the top 10, “Closer” has Andrew Taggart singing. Andrew Taggart is the other half of the Chainsmokers. An artist singing on their own works of art is not uncommon, normally. For the Chainsmokers however it’s very different. They usually rely on songwriters and vocalists to add the human element to their awesomely crafted electronic sounds. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are working to reveal themselves more to their fans.

Alex Pall grew up DJing. It was a hobby of his that he was enthusiastic about. When in New York City Pall was DJing as side work. It was side work he was very passionate about. He says it is scary pursuing something in the city and have it feel more like fun than a job. He was working with their manager at this time, who introduced him to Taggart. Pall quit his job and Taggart moved down from Maine and there is your creative duo the Chainsmokers.

When Pall was asked why they started singing with their electronic creations, he simply says “Well, why not?”. It is different to see a DJ duo singing on their own songs. Especially when it comes to their real lives. Pall says it is because these people do not write their own lyrics. The Chainsmokers do work with songwriters, but they are right there with them creating the magic. On some songs it is all Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Other songs the duo is just ushering and guiding it. Pall says that the Chainsmokers want to release an album, with songs that go together. Songs about them, and who they are.

Joss Whedon Leaves Batgirl Film

Joss Whedon might have created pop culture powerhouses out of a feminist adventurer like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and cinematic superheroes like The Avengers. However, it looks like making another out of a cinematic feminist superhero was just too much for the acclaimed filmmaker. Whedon has announced he is officially leaving the Batgirl film after being on the project for roughly a year. Fresh off trying to finish Zack Snyder’s work on Justice League to mixed results, Whedon cited his own inability to come up with a good story for the superhero that facilitated the departure.

Whedon was sure to demonstrate no hard feelings towards the project or his former bosses, DC President Geoff Johns and Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich, stating he was “grateful” for how well they treated him. Mixed in was an cheeky admission of defeat: “is there a sexier word for ‘failed’?”

The last few years have not been kind to Joss Whedon. 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was considered a disappointment critically and financially. Then, Whedon was commissioned to finished up Justice League after Snyder’s departure which released to an underwhelming response. In both instances, critics and fans cited Whedon’s signature style (particularly his snarky dialogue) as overdone and obtuse. Perhaps most embarrassingly, however, was a blog his ex-wife wrote in the midst of the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal detailing his infidelities, destroying his credibility as a feminist ally.

It remains to be seen what will become of Batgirl. With Whedon gone, a film starring a secondary Batman character might fall into developmental hell. However, in a world where Wonder Woman and Black Panther rule the box office, Batgirl may rise just yet.

Chainsmokers Now Appeal to Audiences Outside of the U.S. and the U.K.

The Chainsmokers have been around since 2012 and they have created some hit songs during their short time in the industry. This group consist of two DJs from New York City. Most of the music that they have made in the past was designed to reach mainstream audiences. Their former blend of EDM and pop music created big hits such as Paris, Closer and Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya. Currently, the group has moved toward a darker sound and a darker outlook.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers stated that the group had to start creating a different type of sound. He said that their old sound was extremely identical to the music that everyone is making. They wanted to move away from the upbeat, love and party lyrics they were used to doing. Now, they wanted to dabble into the darker side of existence. Pall stated that this new move was important for the group because they had to expand their sound and style.

Most American audiences are not drawn to dark music. They want up tempo party sounds that will keep them dancing and feeling good. The Chainsmokers new sound no longer fits that mode. When the group debut their song Sick Boy for American audiences it peaked to the 35th position on the Billboard 100 charts. From their it fell. The song did not get close to the top 10 which is a very important position for any song.

However, the song did break the top 10 in places such as Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland. The song actually reached the number 1 spot in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Dance music. In other words, the song did well enough to go gold and it gained great commercial success in nations where dark music is the norm.

Sick Boy is a successful tune. Just because it does not appeal to many American and U.K. audiences does not mean that it has failed. The Chainsmokers fanbase expands well beyond America’s and Britain’s borders. Many die hard American Chainsmokers fans did like the song. The Chainsmokers have not disappointed them at all with their new sound.

The Verge: Killmonger is Magneto

As Black Panther roars through the theaters, people are just as fascinated by Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger as they are by Chadwick Boseman’s King of Wakanda. While Tom Hiddleston’s roguish Loki has charmed audiences and Michael Keaton’s blue collar heist-man the Vulture have been high points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise has been plagued by one-dimensional villains like the cartoonishly greedy Obadiah Stane and the flatly genocidal Malekith. Killmonger has managed to achieve a rare status as a comic book movie villain: complete empathy for his goal while never wanting him to achieve it. The Verge has crowned him the successor of the only other Marvel foe to do likewise: Magneto.

As an X-Men character, the cinematic Magneto was up until recently exclusively a Fox property. Alongside Doctor Doom (also a Fox property), Magneto is who many consider Marvel Comics’ greatest villain. As a Holocaust survivor and persecuted mutant, Magneto has all the reason in the world to bring the sins of his oppressors back upon him. Conversely, Killmonger is a product of the socially segregated system of urban America and wants to burn it all down. Both of their foes attain righteous through fortune: Xavier is a pampered rich kid while T’Challa is literally royalty.

Both Killmonger and Magneto represent an extremist response to systematic injustice and the threat of becoming that very injustice. Killmonger is fueled by outrage over centuries of dehumanization and exploitation upon people of African descent but is itching to murder his oppressors’ children. Likewise, for all his wrath upon Nazis and racists, Magneto is essentially a genocidal maniac fighting for the “superior species” to come out on top. Ultimately, both manage to improve on both their foe’s resolve and the narrative’s nuance. Killmonger, The Verve hopes, will return.

Talk Fusion current news

Talk fusion is new technology which is making business people who think they should not appear on video to talk about their business think deeply. The Video is used worldwide as vital part of online companies. Most of small growing businesses are adapting to using video to improve their customer services and introduce their new work.

The Kale Design Company by David Kale which makes high head credible effect graphic which their customers utilize in online, print and video. To attract more customers and make his firm well known to his customers, David is continuously innovating new ways for his customers and firm to be on the frontline and get adequate attention.

Talk vision is an easy way of communicating business through video. David has been employing video services in his company, in last December and it brought in a tremendous massive result in the design and advertising area. Using talk fusion you only need to record the message on either webcam build inside the computer or use a flip camera or any other device is okay. After videotaping then you are supposed to open the talk fusion portal then search the saved file of the video and download it.

Talk fusion began in 2007 by Bob Reina the CEO, and it provides an income chance related to the unique, cutting-edge concerning marketing business. Reina has 25 years working in the field of network marketing industry. He previously worked as a police officer in Hillsborough County in Florida. In 1990s Reina was working with network marketing which was known as ‘direct selling’ or ‘multilevel marketing’ since he had no experience on sales he created a duplication of a four-step method and he became the highest earner. Talk fusion in comparison with other companies which use payment of commissions weekly or monthly it uses a moment payment compensating plan. The companies primarily priority is unite the world with the ability to use video by providing solutions to people to make their dreams come real in their chosen ways.

Reina narrates that; talk fusion is for all the people who want to ensure their businesses on the first line and be provided with results when they are connecting online using video, which is very productive in marketing presently. He also adds that; the introduction of webRTC (Real-Time Communication) technology is going to make a huge move to the marketing industry of using video. The systems of webRTC are expecting approximately above 24 percent in each year, currently up to 2025 according to WebRTC World article. That is believed to set the quickest development of video. On the Go app, fusion is coming with convenient features and works as additional affectivity to aid your firms to be firm in the world of businesses competitions. The fusion app can be found in play store of iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. Learn more:

Stephen King’s The Bone Church Moves to the Television Phase

A rather intriguing new television series based on a work by Stephen King moves forward. King once wrote an offbeat poem titled The Bone Church. The Bone Church wasn’t written like a traditional Stephen King tome. This work was a strange poem, a poem that impressed fans and critics. Apparently, the source material also impressed television producers.

The Bone Church comes off as a variant of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, but with the many King touches fans clamor for.

Stephen King is red hot once again. The legendary author never really experienced any career lulls. He’s been selling an incredible number of novels since the 1970’s. In terms of motion pictures, projects based on King’s works haven’t always been huge hits. The recent failure of The Dark Tower may have led some to wonder if King adaptions could do well at the box office. And then along came the fantastic remake of It. The second live-action version of The Losers Club vs. Pennywise the Clown earned hundreds of millions at the worldwide box office. Now, scores of studios are looking to produce new King projects. The Bone Church seems to be the most intriguing one so far. It isn’t the last, either. Several other Stephen King television projects seem to be moving forward.

In the 1980’s, there was a massive number of Stephen King movies produced. In time, the Stephen King name ceased to be an automatic ticket seller. Movie and TV projects continued with 1990’s version of It being a popular hit.

The sequel to It clearly stands as the most anticipated of all future King works. The Bone Church could make for perfect episodic television. Stranger Things proves dark and fantastic adventures can play out well in a well-written series. The Bone Church could even give Stranger Things a run for becoming the top fan-favorite fantasy program among genre enthusiasts.