Sisqo Returns With Smash Hit

Art is the ability to take a thought, concept or feeling and express it in a manner that is possible for people of all backgrounds to relate to. Reading this MTV article about the new thong song remix would show you that art is something which constantly evolves and manages to stay relevant to society. It is often extremely easy for artists to get left behind with the times, but this is not the case with the Thong Song by Sisqo. Instead, it is known as a cult favorite that people rely on to show their love to the female body. If you love butts, this song has you covered by offering a tasteful way to express that love. The Thong Song became a smash hit and Billboard chart topper in the year 1999, but it refuses to be left in the dust. Instead, Sisqo has just released a newly remixed version for 2017 that is well worth listening to. If you are asking yourself why now?

Sisqo waited 18 years to release a song that reminded fans of his smash hit song and the time is now to offer a new take on the ode to revealing underwear. The difference in this new version would be a tropical feel and faster beat that lends to a track which feels like it is just being released for the first time. If you love thongs, you will even enjoy the video. A great video should not just help you to understand the song, but it should serve as a companion to the music that gets you more interested in playing the song on repeat. The good news is that the new Thong Song video does all of these things as so much more. It might be 2017, but it’s starting to feel like 1999 all over again.

Batman” Director Explains His Aversion To Netflix

As the war epic “Dunkirk” makes its way to theaters around the world the director of the critically acclaimed movie, Christopher Nolan, has continued his war of words with the Netflix streaming service, against whom he has made his antipathy clear over recent months, according to Den of Geek. Nolan compared the decision of Netflix to simultaneously release movies to theaters and its streaming service at the same time as the major problem he has with the rise of the U.S. based company.

One of the world’s best loved filmmakers, Christopher Nolan has been part of the “Batman” franchise and directed critical and box office successes, including “Inception” and has already seen critics acclaim “Dunkirk” as his best movie to date. Towards the start of 2017 the U.K. based director made clear the problems he has with the Netflix service, including his belief the company is looking to bring an end to theatrical distribution options for the filmmakers who accept funding from the company; Nolan is not the only film professional who has issues with Netflix, a feeling that became clear when the opening of the Netflix movie “Okja” was booed during the Cannes Film Festival.

Netflix has not followed the model created by Amazon who provides a 90-day window for the theatrical release of movies backed by their studio for movies to be released in theaters to enable them to be enjoyed in the ratio suggested by each individual director. Christopher Nolan believes Netflix should follow the lead of Amazon Studios and those of other streaming services to show their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the movie production industry and want to become a major player in movie production.

Art by Men: Finding Inspiration in Misfortunes

Art takes numerous forms in a manner that is only matched by the inspirations behind them. It ranges from a simple and mundane arrangement of lines to complex 3 dimensional art pieces and paintings. Many artists draw inspirations for their mesmerizing art pieces from imagination, positive events and thoughts. Others, however, find inspiration in misfortunes such as death and accidents. It is such dark experiences that are inspirations behind some of the best art pieces in the world. One such artist who has drawn inspiration from a misfortune to develop a unique piece of art is Dmitriy Balandin. The Ukrainian piece of art is in the form of an exoskeleton made of wood. The exoskeleton art is carved in the form of walking aid. The versatility in the art is reflected in its functionality as it also doubles up as a low-cost walking aid for those suffering walking disabilities.

The beauty of art is in the story behind it. Understanding the story or inspiration behind any piece of art is crucial in establishing a deeper connection with the artist. It is also important in establishing a deeper understanding of the art. This is because art is an important outlet for releasing emotional built up for many artists. For example, many artists have used the art to mourn their losses while other such as the Chinese artist, Lei Chak Man, have merged the two contrasting concepts of life and death to create very inspiring art pieces. The progression and revolutionary changes that have taken place within the field art have been as a result of such artists who are not afraid to think outside the box. They allow audiences to look at the big picture in any piece of art. Fundamentally, art has the potential of inspiring inventions in other fields including biopic and technology if the imaginations of the artists are put into practice.

Sisqo Offers Thong Song Remix in 2017

If you are short on time or attention, you may have missed the MTV article discussing the newly released remix of the thong song by Sisqo. However, if you are a fan of Sisqo or Dru Hill, your time would be well spent reading through the article with the extra minutes of your break at work. If you are like most people that follow music, you probably have not listened to a Sisqo song since the year 1999. If you have tuned out the singer for the last 18 years, you may not remember just how big the Thong Song became. However, it was one of the most popular songs of the year and considered by many to be the biggest hit that he has ever experienced. In fact, it is possible that you will run into many people that know nothing of Sisqo prior to his release of the Thong Song. These people will often tell you that he is an example of an artist that is a one hit wonder who struck gold with that track. If you are a more experienced music fan, you probably know that Sisquo experienced a large amount of success as part of the group Dru Hill. While serving as the frontman for Dru Hill, he was instrumental in helping the group sell millions of records thanks to songs like Sleeping In My Bed. There are many Dru Hill songs that are considered by fans to be timeless dedications to love that will offer relevant concepts for generations to come. Now we can add one more song to that list with the newly released Thong Song 2017 remix. Take in the Thong Song and tap into your love for the natural look of a woman’s body once again with this summer chart topper.

Betsy DeVos’s Accomplishments To Become The Nation’s Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos has been known as a woman who’s committed to causes and works hard to build relationships in every business and non-profit group she’s worked with. Her accomplishments in helping private schools with scholarship funds and growing charter schools available in Michigan got the attention of then President-elect Donald Trump who chose her to be the next US Secretary of Education. About a year earlier Betsy DeVos spoke to Philanthropy Roundtable about how the case for private and charter schools was being made and how she came to support these schools.Betsy DeVos said she first became real interested when she and her husband Dick DeVos became parents and saw the struggles of some families to afford these schools, so they explored scholarships and also became spokespeople for voucher programs. She explained how many states were starting to incorporate private school vouchers and how they were actually working.

DeVos also spoke about how she and Dick once decided to open their own charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Though it is considered a charter school, anyone interested in learning about aviation and enrolling in an advanced science curriculum can attend. What Betsy DeVos believes in is strong grassroots campaigning to promote causes.Betsy DeVos is the daughter of Edgar and Elsa Prince and her brother is Erik Prince, the current CEO of Frontier Resource Group. Her family had always espoused traditional American values and it was her mother from whom she inherited a passion for freedom of education. She was an outspoken activist on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she was a student, and while working in Grand Rapids she fell in love with another young businessman and political activist, Dick DeVos. The two became married and have raised four children.

Betsy DeVos serves as Co-Chair of The Windquest Group along with Dick, and has helped various Michigan retail and energy businesses grow through seed funding. She also made many headlines as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party through which she organized many local and state legislative elections as well as campaigns for federal level elections. After her first election to the party chair she resigned because she thought it involved too much following and not enough leading, but then she ran again because she saw an opportunity to fight against then Governor Granholm’s agenda, and indeed many local newspapers even called her “Granholm’s Worst Nightmare.” Betsy DeVos also has her name engraved in the University of Maryland’s Institute of Arts Management facility thanks to a $22 million donation that she and Dick made in 2012.


The Prestigious Career Of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and a successful American businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She received considerable recognition when she held the position as the President of American Eagle Outfitters Incorporated. She additionally served Wet Seal Incorporated as their Chief Executive Officer. Susan McGalla is a member of the board for HFF Incorporated who provides commercially based real estate services on a publicly traded platform. She also sits on the board for the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She previously worked with the University of Pittsburgh as a trustee and currently holds the position of director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan McGalla’s career initially began in 1986 where her work involved various positions in management and marketing for the Joseph Horne Company. She went to work for American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 when she left the Joseph Horne Company. Her career at American Eagle began with purchasing women’s clothing as a Divisional Merchandise Buyer. She continued her work with the company and filled numerous positions in management until she was promoted by the company. This was when she became the Chief Merchandising Officer and the President. Susan McGalla had previously served as the President for one of American Eagles Flagship companies before taking on the responsibility of company President. During the period of time she acted as President she launched 77 brands for kids as well as the company’s aerie.

In January of 2009 Susan McGalla left American Eagle to become a private consultant. Her work concerned the industries of financial investing and retail. This was when HFF Incorporated appointed her to their Board of Directors. Her succession of Ed Thomas as Wet Seal Incorporated’s Chief Executive Officer occurred in October of 2009. Towards the beginning of her tenure Susan McGalla became pregnant and began working remotely until August of 2011 when she became a full time employee. After declining sales continued for eleven months she was terminated by the company with an effective immediately status in July of 2012. She then founded P3 Executive Consulting and is the Pittsburgh Steelers Vice President in Creative Development and Business Strategies.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio where she spent her childhood with her two brothers. Her father coached local football. She attended the Mount Union College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing and is on the Board of Advisors for the college. Her husband is Stephen McGalla and he specializes in wealth management.

Joe Walsh Continues His Work With Military Veterans

The former Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh appears to have taken his work with U.S. military veterans to a new level with the announcement of a new charity dedicated to providing support services to those military heroes returning from fighting in conflicts around the world. As he revealed the lineup for a benefit concert for U.S. military veterans, Walsh also stated he was working on a new, not for profit known as “VetsAid” that would be the next step in his lifelong work to publicize the issues surrounding veterans returning to the U.S. from various parts of the world.

Joe Walsh has a personal interest in the issues facing military veterans as his own father was killed when the former Boston and Ringo Starr & His All Star Band member was only 20 months old, according to Rolling Stone. Over the course of his career the guitarist has worked with many veterans groups and has now put together a benefit concert featuring The Zac Brown Band and Keith Urban taking place in Fairfax, Virginia; the concert will also feature special guests for the finale of the show Jose Walsh promised would be one to remember.

The work completed by Joe Walsh in working with veterans groups has seen him offer guitar lessons to returning military personnel as they rehab in various medical institutions across the U.S. At times Walsh has also been outspoken about various conflicts taking place around the world, including the continued deployment of U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan that has become the longest conflict involving America in the history of the nation.

Damien Hirst Reveals A New And Unique Exhibit

A shipwreck was discovered by divers in 2008 off the African coast and Damien Hirst was enlisted for funding so the ancient artifacts could be recovered. The impressive finds had been collected by a freed slave named Cif Amotan II and included a severed head of Medusa and several statues of pharaohs. The treasure dates back two millennia and was sent to an island museum. The treasure has now been organized by Damien Hirst and the exhibition in Venice even includes coral-encrusted statues of Goofy and Mickey Mouse. This exhibition represents Hirst’s first major showing in well over ten years. Ersatz artifacts are paired with a fictional backstory. Staged videos of the fake treasures being excavated by divers support the exhibit. The ancient statues show the faces of Rihanna and Kate Moss and restored and encrusted versions of the artifacts are on display. The show has been dubbed Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.

The exhibit is a financial risk for Damien Hirst. According to the New York Times he has invested millions. The exhibit sprawls across Punta Della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi, and Fran├žois Pinault. His irony is similar to Tom Sachs although Hirst’s humor is more kitschy. Hirst has taken his exhibit to new extremes and done so on a Hollywood budget. For more details on Damien Hirst’s exhibit please visit

The production scale is already being compared to Cecil B. DeMille but the audacity of the showmanship he uses is similar to P.T. Barnum. The exhibit is being called a spectacle that goes well beyond the world of art. This is what gives Damien Hirst’s work a meaningful impact. In an era where truth has been metastasized into blatantly fake news this assault on the credulity of art has artistic originality. Only time will reveal if he has hit his mark.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland’s Heroes Appear In Leaked Avengers: Infinity War Image

Avengers: Infinity War is shaping up to be the supreme Marvel superhero movie event of all time. So, it is appropriate the “Sorcerer Supreme” known as Doctor Strange would appear in the film. Doctor Strange won’t be the only non-Avenger to make an appearance. The Amazing Spider-Man shows up in the film as well. Fans know this thanks to a leaked image from the film. The image shows Doctor Strange and Spider-Man together. Doctor Strange seems to be saving Spider-Man as the wall-crawler might be in a bit of trouble.

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland, the actors playing Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, share a bit of screen time together in the new film. While Doctor Strange and Spider-Man teamed up many times in the comic books, this is their first one on the big screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland both are coming off very successful solo films. The cinematic Doctor Strange feature did well and Spider-Man: Homecoming appears to be resurrecting the once-threatened Sony Spider-Man franchise.

The two actors aren’t the only ones making a special appearance in the upcoming hero film. Avengers: Infinity War brings a number of Marvel heroes into the action since the threat the world faces from the super-villain Thanos truly is earth-shattering.

Cumberbatch and Holland also gain helpful exposure in the new film. Spider-Man remains a proven property, but Doctor Strange may need a bit more promotional help to keep the sorcerer’s first film from being a one-hit fluke.

Considering how popular the actors and their characters are, audiences will continue to see both on the big screen time and time again.

Honey Birdette The Lingerie Experts

Honey Birdette The Lingerie Experts
Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand and has launched a dedicated US e-commerce site. The Brand is planning to expand its business in the UK from three retail stores to 40 by the year 2018.
In 2006 Eloise Monaghan, an entrepreneur founded Honey Birdette brand. The brand was launched on the US site following a 374% increase in US online sales in just 12 months. The reason behind venturing to e-commerce was to enhance the customer experience, increase the speed of delivery for orders, get easier returns and provide wide product range to the US customer.
In addition, the brand is also targeting the retail market in the US and also intends to increase its retail business in the UK. The first retail store to be opened by the brand outside Australia was in London’s Convent Garden which was later followed by two other stores in Leeds Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.
The brand intends to open first ten more retail stores in the UK in cities such as Westfield, Stratford, Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle. The Brand ultimate goal in the UK is to have close to 40 stores by the end of 2018.In Australia, the brand has 55 stores and is also eyeing the premium locations in Europe.
The label premium prices range from 35 Euros for briefs and 60 Euros for bras. BBRC is the private company that backs the brand.
Honey Birdette is the first sensual boutique in Australia and was founded in the year 2006. The boutique provides clients with a wide range of Luxury lingerie, Bras, Thongs, and Panties.
The brand saw that there was a gap in the market for sexy bedroom accessories thus tapped the opportunity and today it is one of the leading brands in the lingerie business with branches in America and Europe.

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