OSI And David

Global companies, local in nature, cannot be otherwise. Any organization with branches throughout the U.S., Europe and China can’t run one-size-fits-all operations. Government regulations with cultural nuances and talent pools may all affect how any company is run. Within the food industry, such considerations also include the consumer’s taste buds.

David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, states that he and his staff are well-positioned in having a global network of the best people and resources. David McDonald OSI Group claims that having a global operation means that one may scale in size but also have local management teams both sensitive and professionally understanding of all local cultures and tastes. The power of global scale efficiency combines with local solutions.

With headquarters in Aurora, Ill., The OSI Group’s a global leader that supplies value-added protein items like sausage links or beef patties. It also supplies items like sandwiches and pizza – to top foodservice and retail brands. This privately-held corporation runs more than 50 facilities throughout 17 countries and currently employs global-efficiency, local-solution strategies to expand its operations in China.

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OSI Group has successfully operated in China within the last 20 years; as China’s economy has grown, the company’s presence has also grown. Operating eight factories – and with two -brand new facilities on the way – The OSI Group hopes to soon become the nation’s largest poultry producer. Last September, it broke ground on new mega-plants sought for further processing in the Henan province. In the same month, it announced joint-venture agreements in Zhoukou through DOYOO Group – to form DaOSI, The OSI Group’s third fully- vertical, integrated poultry operation in that country. OSI’s China division serves clients like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Saizeriya, Papa John’s and Subway.

China’s a top focus of David for all the reasons read about every day. It only continues to rise as the biggest growing consumer market on earth and thus carries with it the power of population. That population grows more affluent as well. OSI has some great customers in China who experience tremendous growth, and David McDonald simply wishes to keep up with such customers.

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