OneLogin And 3 Tips For Enterprises Using Legacy Software

Businesses are steadily moving towards programs that integrate login procedures into one, simple infrastructure. OneLogin is a cloud provider of such services, also called identity and access management.

However, some programs fail to provide the benefits that OneLogin is able to. Here are three of the biggest problems that businesses experience when they don’t trust identity and access management service providers like OneLogin.

It’s Very Expensive

Legacy web-access infrastructures are very expensive to bankroll, in terms of both one-off costs and regular maintenance. Hardware must be purchased in the first place, which is exorbitantly costly.

Businesses must subscribe to various digital services, pay people to physically maintain IT infrastructures, and invest in customer service representatives to help customers through problems.

Legacy Infrastructure Causes Serious Security Concerns

For large enterprises that use several different programs to keep up with information, it’s difficult to keep them all on the same page. Simply trusting a service provider like OneLogin quickly eliminates problems caused by the overlap of various programs businesses rely on.

Productivity Remains A Big Problem With Traditional Layouts

Whenever legacy software is updated, it’s difficult to make sure it stays online throughout such updates.

Further, if your business relies on its own infrastructure, making sure it doesn’t go down is highly challenging, and can cost tons of money to properly do so.

About OneLogin, A SAAS Provider

OneLogin was created in 2009 by a pair of brothers well-tenured by the technology industry, Thomas and Christian Pedersen. The company is a provider of identity and access management services, all of which are offered from a secure cloud.

More than 2,000 unique companies use the services OneLogin provides, helping beef up security against cybercriminals around the world. Another key benefit of OneLogin services is added convenience, as workers no longer have to keep up with various logins – simply log in one time, and the ability to access all accounts is at their fingertips.

OneLogin’s online interface works closely with several cloud programs, helping businesses take care of responsibilities far easier than without its help.

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