Omar Boraie Succeeds at all his Endeavors

Boraie Development is a real estate company found in New Brunswick, the State Theatre New Jersey. It is a family-owned company which is run by Omar Boraie and sons. The family has constantly worked together to ensure that their company maintains its high standards of operation. Omar Boraie is the chief executive officer of the company.

Hiam Boraie, Omar’s son, is currently the vice president of the property businesses of the company. Under his leadership, he has continued to build the spaces that his father had laid foundations for. Most the buildings in the city of New Brunswick have now been developed hence creating better environments for businesses to thrive in.

This visionary real estate company has completed most of their projects regardless of the complexities involved. One of the company’s lifelong dreams was to change someday the state of building in New Brunswick and so far their dreams are coming to realization. As we speak, the city has some of the modern construction designs, and Omar even owns some of the offices and buildings. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development has transformed the face of this city due to their notable contribution towards modernizing the city’s most adored buildings. These buildings were majorly two towers that were built adjacent to each other back in the 1990’s. Omar Boraie being very visionary about his projects realized that these buildings could be modified to accommodate various uses.

The people of this city now have access to many residential houses, hotels, business offices, beautiful garages and parking lots and much more. His augmentation to the advancement of the town has attracted many private firms who have hired the offices for their business activities. The buildings now host some of the best law firms, hospitals, colleges and even police patrol offices. One of the buildings called the Aspire has attracted many young and trendy investors to the city.

His great involvement in buying pieces of land in the city of New Brunswick was only to the advantage of the town and that of its occupants. Most importantly, he has helped in sorting the housing problem that these people faced back in the days. Many families have whence relocated to these apartments depending on the sizes of these families. The apartments are fitted with unique structures including automatic heaters that could be of use during the winters. Check out his website for more.

Omar Boraie is also a genomic scientist who has founded research centers such as Rutgers Cancer Institute. These pieces of information can be found in Real Talk for Real Moms’ blog and was published through Central Jersey Working Mums.

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