Millionaire Nick Vertucci Started Small

Nick Vertucci believes the future is not dictated by the past, he was raised in a loving family and while they were not extremely well off he was provided for. His father died when Nick was ten causing his mother to begin working long hours in order to support the family not making it home until the children were asleep. At the age of eighteen Nick was virtually homeless living in a van.

Nick Vertucci started a computer part selling business after the stent of homelessness, he loved being his own boss because of the freedom he gained. Nick married and had three children during this time and things were going well forhim until the 2000 dot com crash when he watched his finances vanish. Nick had not invested in the future for nearly a year and a half he had very little income and his debt was increasing.

Nick Vertucci managed to keep his home while losing almost everything else. He was invited to attend a three day training seminar for real estate and with a little assurance from a friend he reluctantly agreed to attend the workshop. While he did not understand everything something clicked and he knew that he had the answer to ending his financial troubles.

Nick Vertucci began to feel inspired and began to learn everything that he could real estate while training and studying. It took ten years for him to get all the information required for success and eventually he was able to make a profit in real estate through a system he developed for himself.

When Nick Vertucci hit millionaire status he became determined to teach others his system so they could eliminate debt while making a profit to change their financial situation for the better. He believes that while people have the drive and desire to change their lives do not know how to go about it and that’s why he devotes himself to teaching them.

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