Mighty Fortress Church and Other Beautiful, Minnesotan Churches

Minnesota is a stunning state with beautiful countryside and a plethora of historically significant architecture. Chief among these wonderful works of art are the state’s many churches which we will here be taking a keen look into. One of the most eye catching churches in the state is the Gothically inspired, Hennepin Ave. United Methodist Church. This extremely tall building, built in 1916, is highly iconic, mainly due to it’s imposing Gothic spires and delicately crafted stonework which is based, in part, on the old world churches of England. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Another truly striking Minnesotan church is the colorful Church of St. Mary’s in the tiny, idyllic town of New Trier. The first thing one will notice about it is it’s cheery red and white designs much in the classical French style. Next there is St. Andrew’s Church in St. Paul which, though no longer active as a place of worship (it has been turned into a art school) the beauty of the stony shrine’s Spanish Revivalist architecture is truly breathtaking. One of the most peculiar looking churches in Minnesota, however, is the tiny little Assumption Chapel of Cold Spring. The quaint little stone chapel is sometimes referred to as the Grasshopper Chapel due to the fact that the tiny, red roofed abode was built in response to a invasive swarm of hungry locusts! According to local legend, the locusts died off shortly after the chapel was erected and it was renovated into the structure that there stands today in memory of the peculiar event.

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Lastly, there has been a more recent addition to the line up of distinctive and important churches in the state, such as the theatrically named, Mighty Fortress Church of Zane Avenue. The Mighty Fortress is a Christian ministry that focuses on joyful and energetic worship of Christ. The building itself, though very chic and modern, is extremely aesthetically pleasing and, most notably, very, very spacious. It boasts a peculiar circular design which makes the building instantly recognizable to all who might pass on by and features a relatively plain, almost austere outer facade which makes the Church well live up to its name. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on facebook.com.

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