Michel Terpins Participates In The Sertes Rally

Michel Terpins along with Rodrigo Terpins left Goiânia as they wanted to participate in the Sertões Rally that had its 22nd edition.

This Sertões Rally had everything. It started in July. The competitors moved from Goiânia. They had nearly 155 km of timed sections. This required a lot of skill and precision. This pair of Rodrigo Terpins along with Michel Terpins completed this test in just more than 2 hours. They were able to finish the day by coming in 7th place. They were placed in the category Prototypes T1.

But they were not able to finish the Special.

Michel Terpins described the various types of terrain they had to encounter on the first day. This was where they faced a lot of dirt. He said that it was a demanding race. Still, they did not find any scares. In fact, all was normal.

Michel Terpins further stated that the car was behaving properly. They were able to overtake also. Still, he was not keen to force the suspension too much. He wanted to be more cautious. This is because he wanted to adapt himself to the equipment. Rodrigo Terpins was the driver of the # 326 car.

There can be a plausible justification for the failure of Michel Terpins and his partner. The car in which they were, had been at the top at the time KM 62. Still, they were not injured. But the car could not continue in the race.

The Bull Sertões Rally is the largest off-road event in the country. It will be held from 19/8 to 26/8. It will cover more than 3,300 km of the country. The three states that will be a part of it include Goiás, Mato Grosso along with Mato Grosso do Sul. Pilot Michel Terpins along with navigator Maykel Justo of the Bull Sertões Rally Team will be a part of it. On this Sunday, The Support Park was set up at the Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia. They would be arriving on 26/8 in Bonito (MS). There would be different off-road trajectories here. Michel Terpins along with Justo form the second prototype. This would be in the T1 prototype category.

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