Meet Nick Vertucci – The Serial Real Estate Investor

Nick Vertucci is the founder and the CEO of Nick Vertucci (NV) companies, Inc. The aims of these companies are to help people in real estate investments. Vertucci comes from a humble background, who lived in rags. He achieved tremendous success by taking calculated and bold risks

The demise of his father at his 18th birthday complicated his life. All his family moved out, and he had a hard tie to cope with staying lonely. He decided to work as a storage appliance delivery boy so that he can get some finances to support himself. Luckily enough he was able to move to the sales department. While in the sales department at an appliance store, Vertucci got motivated to start his own company.

In 2004, he became a student at the Real Estate training Industry, where he developed the ideas of starting a real estate companies. He embraced change and moved on to raise his ladder and initiated the action of his financial freedom by investing in single-family rentals. He was purchasing foreclosures, renovating them, leasing them as well as managing them within his system. He worked in the business of foreclosure for ten years, and he termed it as ‘The Real Estate Investing Hour.’

In January 2014, Vertucci launched his company Nick Vertucci Real Estate Investment. His mission was to develop the best real estate training company. Also, he focuses on businesses that generate revenue. He is a real entrepreneur who has created pattern and motivation in himself. Besides his own investment Vertucci together with his partner taught three-day cash flow classes where they were providing properties for new investors.

Besides real estate companies Vertucci is an author of financial motivation book; Seven Figure Decisions, Having The Balls To Succeed. The book was a personal account and guide sharing how he learned to push back his fears and to build his financial fortunes.