Lime Crime Hair Dye – A Dream Come True for Brunettes

Ever since hair colors like pink, purple, and blue began hitting the streets brunettes have had a choice to make: to bleach or not to bleach. These colors look amazing on blondes, but barely show up darker toned tresses. Thanks to Lime Crime brown-haired ladies are now able to take advantage of these fun colors without first applying damaging bleach products to their hair.

Lime Crime, well-known for their Unicorn Hair Collection, is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Launched in 2008 with a small line of makeup and makeup application products, their hair color products have a reputation for being “idiot proof.” The Unicorn Dream Collection now has a total of 21 shades of hair dye. While the first waves of colors were bright and sunny Lime Crime recently rolled out an additional 4 – all of which are made to work on darker-haired women. The colors include a deep purplish-red called Chestnut, a deep purple (Squid), an on-trend dusty gray (Charcoal), and a color resembling that of a mermaid’s tail (Sea Witch). If those aren’t your thing they also have 8 unicorn inspired shades: Mint Ice, Tweet (a bright yellow), Cloud (bright blueish purple), Kawaii (fuschia), Bubblegum Rose, Valentine (a gorgeous red), and Aesthetic (deep purplish red). It’s worth noting these are recommended for lighter brown shades only.

Lime Crime offers their hair care products in two different formulas: full color and tint. The dye is semi-permanent so the results should last around 6 weeks. If you are nervous about dying your own hair their Pinterest page is filled with tutorials. Ready to take the leap and turn yourself into .

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