King Krule Kicks off Another Tour

Despite his young age of just 23 years old, Archy Marshall (better known by his most common stage name King Krule) has climbed to unbelievable heights in the music industry. The crooner and hip-hop artist from England has been busy in recent months going on tour and releasing a highly touted album titled The Ooz but he will not be resting any time soon as his new tour will be kicking off on April 7th in Toluca, Mexico. His gritty style mixed with poetic lyrics have earned the artist fans all over the world and on this tour he will be seeing fans all across North America.

The tour, in whole, sports 13 different shows in 13 different cities in less than a month — an impressive feat and emblematic of King Krule’s workman like attitude towards music. The tour will make a stop in Chicago, Illinois playing the Riviera Theatre on April 27th in what promises to be one of the more rowdy shows on the docket. To close the tour out King Krule will be playing the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on May 4th. While it is unclear if King Krule will just be playing music from The Ooz or sprinkling in old favorites, he is known to put on a good show and fans of the artist can rest easy that no matter what songs he plays he will be putting in a top level effort each night.

A full list of the tour is up on his website and fans should race to check out tickets now before they sell out. It is going to be a whirlwind tour for King Krule and his team, but it is most definitely a show worth checking out. A recent New York Times profile has risen his stock in the music world even more, and it won’t be long before he’s an impossible ticket to get!

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