Kim Dao Does a Makeup Purge

In this video from Kim Dao, she is going through the process of cluttering her makeup. Kim Dao even reveals that she has several makeup products that she’s been keeping for years, and it’s definitely time to throw out what she hasn’t been using. Kim Dao also describes herself as a hoarder because she doesn’t like to throw out makeup when it hasn’t been completely used up, but due to her moving into a new place she’s ready to purge her old makeup products. Kim Dao points out all of the different areas where she’s got her makeup stored as she gets ready to go through each box and drawer to find what she needs to get rid of. As she begins, Kim Dao sees multiple products that she really enjoys using and in some cases she actually has more than one of each makeup product, but eventually she does start finding items that she doesn’t use at all. She quickly tosses those items to the side. Kim Dao talks herself through the process and analyzes just how much she likes a product, whether or not she uses it much, and also how long it’s been since she last used it ( She makes the decluttering of her makeup storage look downright fun because she finds so many items that she truly does love and use quite a bit, but for the items that she doesn’t enjoy or use as much Kim Dao tosses them into the bin without any hesitation. Learn more:


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