Jesus Christ Superstar Returns

Most people of a certain age probably remember Jesus Christ Superstar that was a rock opera performed on Broadway back in the 1970s. The rock opera spawned a succession of hits, an album, and a film. The rock based opera was more of an interpretation of Jesus’s life. Fast forward a few decades and Jesus Christ Superstar Returns with a live concert on NBC. This is exciting news for fans of the rock opera. It is also surprising and exciting news for fans of John Legend. The surprising news is that John Legend is in the title role of the musical. The exciting news is that the accomplished singer is going to demonstrate his acting chops to the world.

The Legend Begins
John Legend had plenty to share about his taking over the title role of the iconic rock opera. He relates about the story having a very special meaning for him. Certainly, the rock opera has a very strong meaning for thousands of fans across the country and the world too. Legend states that the cast is filled with very talented people and he is very excited about working with them and the entire project. It is interesting to note that this is a Live Performance and it is going to air on television April 1.

An Amazing Talent
Certainly, John Legend is an amazing talent. The talented singer won numerous awards over the last few decades. In fact, he is a ten time Grammy winner too. Now, the talented singer and songwriter is stretching his wings a bit and entering the acting world. John Legend feels humbled by being selected to play the title role. It should also be noted that selecting John Legend to play the title role is a bit of a legend in the making too. Selecting him goes against the usual type casting of this powerful role in the rock opera. Other notables in the casting include Alice Cooper playing the role of King Herod.

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