Jeremy Goldstein Says Many Companies Are Considering Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is a homegrown New Yorker who has been working in the field of law for more than two decades. He has a great deal of experience as a lawyer and specializes in compensation for corporations and management teams. His law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is well-known throughout the country today for their law expertise. They also give their clientele advice on finances and business management.


Today, there are many corporations out there looking into new compensation options for their employees to save costs, promote productivity, and save time for everyone. The traditional way for companies to compensate their employees was through stock options that could be held onto and invested in. This is becoming more and more of a problem for companies these days, and many employees would prefer other forms of incentive for their work as well. While stock options can be easily understood by most employees and the burdens on a company in the form of taxes is lowered, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages in the current market. Not only can stock options be very costly for a company, something that newer or small companies cannot handle, employees would actually prefer a different form of incentive.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, there is a noticeable difference among both parties, but there is a viable solution to be had among these knockout options. A compromise is going to be necessary for corporations out there to satisfy their employees and increase company productivity. This alone will account for the costs involved with increasing employee compensation. The majority of employees are happy with higher salaries over any other form of compensation, despite the difficulty in understanding it sometimes. Jeremy has discussed the knockout options available to corporations and he has published articles online going into the specifics of these options. That being said, any companies that wish to stick with stock options are going to need to be aware of the issues that come along with it. Learn more:

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