James Franco Stars as Our Generation’s Version of Ed Wood

For anyone who lived in Los Angeles during the early aughts, it was impossible drive down Sunset Boulevard and not see a billboard for Tommy Wiseau’s film The Room. Although many billboards tend to come and go, this one had sticking power—and for good reason. As far as films go, The Room has earned legendary status for how terrible it is. In fact, many moviegoers went to screenings specifically to yell out the iconic, memorable lines penned by Wiseau.

The trailer of this film has been generating a lot of buzz due to James Franco’s perfect rendering of Wiseau’s bizarre accent, as well as his unintentionally hilarious performance while The Worst Film Ever Made was being shot. Based on the book The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero—Wiseau’s friend and co-star—Franco’s film hones in on all the little details that culminated in the creation of this jaw-dropping movie. The film’s trailer portrays when the crew shot one of the most well-known scenes in The Room.

Franco, as Wiseau, is unable to remember his line. For seventy takes or so, he blunders through a series of unfortunate mishaps while he tries to remember the words. By the end of the scene, the entire crew is reciting Wiseau’s forgotten line in the hopes that he will remember it. When he is finally able to successfully recite the line, the entire group bursts into applause. For those who have ever wondered about the man behind one of the most infamous films ever created, December can’t come soon enough. Some have even been saying that the film could become an Oscar contender.

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