Is Male Artists’ Domination A Sign Of Gender Inequality?

Despite the efforts that have been established to ensure that women receive equal treatment with men, gender inequality continues to be a social concern. Today, the number of male artists surpasses that of female artists. Several questions arise from this situation. Does it mean that women are not as talented as men? Or are women looked down upon such that they have to overcome several obstacles before they can achieve prosperity in the arts just like men?




According to the Forbes Magazine,




Discrimination against women in the arts is noticeable. Male artists tend to receive more respect and recognition on several occasions. Looking at the 60th Grammy award that took place this year, it is clear that the society promotes the domination of male artists. It is regrettable that men received most of the awards. Notably, out of the 84 awards, only 11 were won by female artists. It is even worse that only one woman was awarded the solo award. Arts amongst other activities are one of the best tools that can be used to create gender balance in the society. Instead, arts are used as the tools to propagate the discrimination of women. The Grammy Awards was an indication that it will take a lot to do away with male artist dominance. The president of the reporting academy at the Grammys even went ahead to bash women saying that they should step. Such comments are not acceptable considering that women are working as hard as their male counterparts.




The dominance of male artists in art is not a problem that has just resurfaced. It has been there since time immemorial. While it is not right that male artists are recognized, and women are criticized, the society is the one that has propagated the existence of this situation. It is time that people acknowledge that women in the arts also need to be respected. Sadly, it will probably take a very long time.

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