Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson On Writing His Memoirs

Bruce Dickinson has led a colorful and active life, starting out with his rise to fame as Iron Maiden’s lead singer. Once he made it to the top, Bruce was free to pursue his dreams, like flying his own planes, fencing, and hosting a radio show. The Iron Maiden frontman also had his hard times, including a battle with cancer that almost ended his life. Now, Dickinson talks about dishing on all of that in his new memoir, What Does This Button Do?
Bruce Dickinson on the Memoir He Really Didn’t Want to Write
The Iron Maiden singer admits he’s never been a big fan of autobiographies. In fact, he never had any intention of writing his own, even though people have been begging him to do it. The book might never have been written (and Bruce says it’s still a work in progress), but his cancer battle changed his perspective.
In fact, his fight with cancer makes up the longest and last chapter of What Does This Button Do? As such, Bruce says it’s a fitting end for the book, because it marks a new turn in his life.
“It’s actually not a bad end point for a book – not that I’m planning on checking out anytime soon,” Dickinson told Rolling Stone. “It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter of the rest of your life.”
Bruce Dickinson’s Candid Cancer Confessions
Facing cancer only makes up one portion of Bruce’s life, as it only makes up one chapter of his memoir, but it’s an important piece. He says hearing the diagnosis sent him through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions from denial to acceptance and anger. Eventually, Dickinson came to terms and focused his attention on the battle ahead.
When he had completed the treatments, enduring months of chemotherapy and radiation, the Iron Maiden singer was left in shock. Previously, the cancer left him feeling depressed and seeing only darkness ahead. He says finding out he had beaten the cancer seemed like a fantasy.
“You’re almost afraid to step out into the light, because you’ve been in this dark place for three to six months,” shares Bruce. “And then you sort of go, What do we make of the rest of life then?'”
Bruce Dickinson didn’t struggle with that question for long. He set to work writing his memoir and endeavors to give fans what they want in his autobiography. He also came to realizer that life is a gift and one that he might have taken for granted in the past. Now, facing his own mortality, Bruce Dickinson says he has a greater appreciation for life and understands it really is worth celebrating.

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