How The Greg Secker Foundation Helped Filipino Victims Of Typhoons

The Greg Secker Foundation has replaced over 100 homes that were destroyed by typhoons striking the Philippines. These homes were presented to the typhoon victims in three cities, Lemery, Capinahan, and Iloilo. On hand to witness this turn over of the homes was Nonito Donaire, Jr. He is from the Philippines and is a former world boxing champ. He has said that one of his missions as a former athlete is to encourage others in sports to give back by being socially conscious.

Nonito Donaire, Jr. and his wife made a two-day trip out of this, flying back and forth to the Philippines from their home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He said that boxers can inspire people outside the ring just as much as they can inside of it. He has contributed before to rebuilding housing in the Philippines, for example, such as in 2009 when he donated P1 million to efforts of this type.

Greg Secker took Nonito Donaire, Jr. back and forth to the airport. His foundation supports communities around the world. Beyond rebuilding housing in the Philippines quite a bit of his charity revolves around helping children, particularly education and developing leadership skills. He started his nonprofit foundation in 2010.

It was Forex trading that Greg Secker built his fortune in. After a career on Wall Street, he moved back to his native England and started a company to teach others how to make money trading. He founded and runs three companies which are Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software. Learn to Trade is an award-winning program which shows people that strategies to trade Forex markets which he learned during his time on Wall Street. FX Capital is also in the Forex industry while SmartCharts Software is a platform on which to do trades in real-time 24/7.

In addition to his charitable work and teaching trading George Secker is also a public speaker and author. He has spoken at many motivational conferences around the world over the last several years. He was born in Norfolk, England in 1975 and now lives in London.

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