How Lime Crime Has Expanded Worldwide

You can’t knock Doe Deere’s hustle and how she has managed to make her company one of the world’s most prominent and successful cosmetic lines out there. Most cosmetic lines never make it this far and never see this much success going for them. She obviously knew what she was doing and continues to work on perfecting her strategy. Now, she’s focusing on expanding her brand into entirely new countries in an effort to give Lime Crime the recognition it deserves. So far, it seems that her plan is working and others are trying to follow suit with emulations of her approach.

When Doe Deere decided she was going to take over China, she encountered a number of challenges to her process. She had to face issues with her stance on animal testing for instance. Deere does not believe in anything that may harm animal welfare so this was especially difficult for her. Nonetheless, she managed to find a way by partnering up with Revolve. Revolve understood the market and helped her find a way to expand her involvement in China. Ever since then she has taken their help she’s been able to enter the Chinese market without any problems. Her products are popular and taking over by storm.

You can look at the history of Lime Crime and see a classic success story. This brand has managed to get as far as it has by doing everything and anything necessary to reach the top. Deere has made it a personal mission to try anything that will help her expand the business and its scope in a way that her rivals haven’t. The future of this brand is going to certainly amaze people when it becomes one of the most prominent in China. By sticking to her values and creating something she wanted, Doe Deere has made something amazing. Now, she wants to do this in China and beyond with this new relationship with cosmetics producer Revolve. From the looks of it she seems to be working out just fine and she’s bringing in new fans from far across the world.

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