How Eric Pulier Succeeded in Technology

Eric Pulier is a name not known by everyone, but known by those in the tech field who want to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. Eric Pulier is a technologist, an author, a speaker, and a philanthropist. He has played a part in founding or funding over 15 different companies and his work as a philanthropist will live on for generations to come in the lives that he has helped to touch. Learning from Eric Pulier probably isn’t such a bad idea. We dug into his day to day day habits in order to illuminate some aspects of his life that make him so successful.


So, right now Eric Pulier is absorbed in his focus on vAtomic Systems. This company saw the converging market trends of mobile technology, like mobile games, and digital micro transactions. Pulier decided to get in on this early in order to establish himself as one of the biggest players in the explosive market. Pulier cites companies like Google Maps and Uber as primary influences for this early decision.


Looking past the company he is currently focused on we can analyze Pulier’s day to day life and take from it a certain amount of beneficial knowledge. Pulier is the father of four children so suffice to say his mornings are pretty stacked up with things to do. That is why Pulier focuses on getting a solid night of rest before getting up early, well in advance of his children. During this time he focuses on reading and centering himself before the storm of activity that comes with four very active and hyper children. After he bundles them off to school his focus goes back to work.


Pulier is meticulous in his approach to note taking and this has given him the ability to really tackle some great concepts. Pulier stacks up a list of projects that he wants to accomplish each day and he doesn’t rest until he accomplishes them. Along the way he remains open to new ideas and jots down notes whenever one might come along that sounds particularly promising — this is a very important step to his success.

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