How Cedric the Entertainer Changes Lanes in Entertainment

Cedric the Entertainer is proving that there are more rolls for him that may not consist of comedy, and this shows incredible range.


This is a new twist for Cedric the Entertainer because comedy is what he has always been known for. Now it appears that the true mark of an actor is his ability to show range. People know that actors that are transitioning are going to be able to play a number of different types of roles.


It can be difficult for someone that is in comedy to reach beyond this and do something else. That is the sign of a true actor. Jamie Foxx is the prime example of this. For many years he was known for comedy and doing impressions. He would actually win an Oscar, however, for something that was not a comedic role at all. In fact, his transition into drama came in the form of an impression of Ray Charles.


People were very impressed with his role as Ray, and this would lead to other options for him beyond comedy. Jamie would continue to be the funny man with impressions over time, but he would also find himself an action movie roles that he may not have acquired before. He found himself in movies where he would get the chance to show different emotions. All of this came because he was willing to take on more than what he had become accustomed to as an actor.


It is very easy for men that are in the arts to get engulfed in what they have become known for. In Hollywood this is called typecasting. It is not always their desire to be in the same roles that they have always been. Unfortunately, it is something that happens because they are so good at what they do. People automatically assume that they will be perfect for a certain type of role because this is what they have always been known for.

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